New ‘One Piece 901’ Spoilers & Review

The newest OP 901 manga will come out on Monday on Viz Media. However new One Piece 901 spoilers are already out. You might wanna stop reading this if you don’t want to get spoiled.

One Piece 901: Even if you die, don’t die

Cover Story: Doctor of the New Giant Pirates, Gerth/Gerd

Thousand Sunny is saved at very last by Sea Monk Wadatsumi, he swallows the ship and replacing it with the ship of the Sun Pirates. He escapes underwater and there is a bit of confusion among the Big Mom pirates as they didn’t realize the ship that was burning was not Thousand Sunny.

New One Piece 901 Spoilers

It is revealed in the flashback that the Sun pirates already planned to act as a shield for Jinbe and the rest of the strawhats crew to let them escape. After eating the cake, Big Mom is back to normal and is rushing to Cacao Island. Oven realizes that Strawhats pirates are safe underwater,and then he heats up the water to draw Wadatsumi out, and it works. Sea Monk Wadatsumi is not able to handle the heat and spits out Thousand Sunny outside of the circling fleet of Big Mom’s ships.

The Sun Pirates are ready to sacrifice their life in order to let Strawhats crew and Jinbe escape, however Jinbe wants to stay back and help them instead. Monkey D. Luffy declares that he expects Jinbe to follow him to Wanokuni once he’s done. Luffy tells Jinbe, “even if you die, don’t die” to which Jinbe smiles a bit.

Capone Bege stole a Torte ship and is escaping, “Monster Gun” Vito is saying that he’s worried about Germa. In case you don’t know, he’s worried about Germa because he’s a big of Germa Kingdom.

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One Piece Chapter 901 ends with the Sun Pirates and Jinbe changing the sea currents in order to aid the Strawhats crew to escape. The Sun Pirates confront Big Mom’s fleet. We see “Big News” Morgans flying away in the sky with Cipher Pol agent Stussy. Morgans makes the following declaration: The Pirate King will be born from the members of the Worst Generation.

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