New Dragon Ball Super Arc Might Focus On Majin Buu

The Dragon Ball Super Broly is yet to officially hit the theaters, but fans are excited to know what’s next for the series already. Unlike before, when the manga is following the anime, Dragon Ball Super season 2 anime is expected to follow the manga. The new manga arc will start later this month, and it seems like Majin Buu will get the screen time that was stolen from him in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super New Arc Spoilers

It seems like there would be new character off-the bat in the next arc of Dragon Ball Super. The new arc is titled ” Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc,” and as per the title, we will see more about the Galactic Patrol. This guy, which seems to be a new character (spoiled from Dragon Ball Heroes for Nintendo Switch) is seen sporting the Galactic Patrol symbol on his chest. And as per new spoilers, he might need help from someone who is currently on Earth.

According to Twitter user @GovetaXV on his latest tweet, the Galactic Patrol have a problem in their hands. To solve this problem, they need the power of Daikaioshin sleeping inside Majin Buu. The Daikaioshin is the highest of all the Supreme Kais and is the ruler of the Universe 7 even before the series started. When Majin Buu wreaked havoc in the entire universe as per Babidi’s plan, he absorbed Daikaioshin and inherited some of his traits and appearance.

We will finally see Buu in action after he missed the whole Tournament of Power in season 1. Hopefully, he will be awake by the time the Galactic Patrol needs him. There is still no info if they need to remove the Daikaioshin inside of Buu or not. Maybe he’ll be the one fighting the prisoner, and thus, he will be the one using the Daikaioshin’s power. Majin Buu might finally get a powerup soon.

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