New Boruto Anime Ending 8 Announced

Boruto anime is currently in its Mitsuki arc, which is showing no signs of finishing. The arc is being dragged a lot and it is becoming boring. The plot twist in the previous episode was crazy and it actually ruined Ohnoki’s character. He had been one of the focal points in thr Fourth Great Ninna War. So far, there has been no explanation about why Ohnoki did something like that.

But, I hope that it will change in the next few episodes. Overall, the arc has been average and I’m really annoyed with the increasing number of episodes in the Mitsuki arc. Anyway, Boruto anime is going to debut a new ending. This news was revealed in the 52nd Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime will have a new ending theme song.

Boruto Ending 8

The new theme song has been performed by “ЯeaL”. The song is titled “Tsuyogari LOSER”. This ending will debut in January 2019. ЯeaL (りある) is an all female Japanese band. It consists consisting of Ryoko (Vocal, Guitar), Fumiha (Bass) & Aika (Drums). The band was formed in Osaka on December 8, 2012. Their most notable work is that they sang Pokemon sun and moon’s opening 3.

Also, I’d like to add this before we end this post. The Boruto anime has to improve overall if wants to be anything like its predecessor. The anime is about to reach 100 episodes soon and so far, there have just been flashes of what Boruto can do as an anime. It certainly has the potential. The manga is miles better and when the anime adapts the manga, it will be awesome. The manga has very limited content as it is monthly so, the anime has a big problem. I hope that they fix it in the future.

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