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New Amsterdam Season 4: Is The NBC Show Cancelled or Renewed For Fourth Season?

Is New Amstedam Season 4 Happening?
From New Amsterdam Season 3 Finale Featuring Max

For the past three seasons, New Amsterdam has become one of the pivotal shows coming from NBC. The show has been a staple and maintained a steady viewership and streaming numbers. The third season that took a backseat due to pandemic made great use of the lost time. Thus portraying the times how our heroes at the hospital fought against the Pandemic trying to keep the entire world safe. At the same time, New Amsterdam also continued its pivotal story which is being carried out since the first season. Recently, New Amsterdam wrapped up its third season which came late in March of 2021. Now the question remains the same is followed for the fourth season or not. So let’s take a look at all the possibilities of New Amsterdam Season 4.

The third season of New Amsterdam saw Max struggling to balance his both personal and professional lives while Helen is in the same position. At the same time, the other characters go through their challenges staying strong amidst Pandemic times. Basically, everyone was looking for a feel of being home. The third season came to a close on a heavy note. But the final moments saw us giving a slight relief with Max and Helen finding each other. Something the show has been teasing for a while in past seasons. Only to crush our hopes and time and again. Everyone wants to see that story go ahead in the fourth season. So let’s break down everything we know about New Amsterdam Season 4.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Renewal Status and Release Date

So everyone wondering about New Amsterdam’s renewal status. There is two good news in the air. First, New Amsterdam already has a renewal status for not one but two seasons officially coming. The news was already confirmed before the third season even premiered following the success of the second season. According to some records, it’s not the weekly viewership but the later viewings that led the show to succeed. So expect the show to run at least till the year 2023 with two more seasons coming in now.

When Is New Amsterdam Season 4 Coming?

From New Amsterdam Season 3 Finale Featuring Max

Talking about the New Amsterdam Season 4 Release Date now which would be the second good news. It won’t follow the release schedule of season 3. Primarily because Covid-19 and Pandemic affected the third season heavily. The production was halted and the show had to take a backseat. The show had to write in a way to highlight the bravery of workers during the age of Covid-19. Creator David Schulner confirms the show will continue with the flow of the third season quickly than taking a break.

So New Amsterdam Season 4 will come around in the fall of 2021. Much like its first two seasons around 24 or 25 September 2021. Also note, the third season was kind of the shortest one with only fourteen episodes. If the show is looking forward to following the pattern of the first two seasons which had around 22 or 18 episodes. Then expect an increase in the number of episodes for New Amsterdam Season 4 as well.

New Amsterdam Season 4 Plot – What Can We Expect From The Coming Season?

The finale of New Amsterdam Season 3 saw the main characters moving on and taking up new opportunities. Most importantly forming new relationships. Max was struggling to move on from the death of his wife and his past marriage. He already fought a battle with his in-laws when they try to take away his daughter stating he focuses a lot on work and not on his daughter. But he is not backing down from a fight either. Furthermore, he lost his ring at the facility and started looking for it everywhere. This signifying he is not ready to move on and still thinks the ring has some importance for him. Even when Floyd tries to explain to him it’s not about love but guilt.

Plot For New Amsterdam Season 4

From New Amsterdam Season 3 Finale Featuring Max and Helen

Much like Max, even Helen was struggling with letting go of Mina and her mother suffering from severe Bronchitis. This led her to return to the hospital. Max later finds the ring with the help of his assistant and crosses paths with Helen. They both reconcile and walk home. The ending moments see Max taking off the ring and running back to Helen to kiss her as they both find a home in each other. Apart from them, we also see Floyd being offered a big promotion as Deputy Chair of Surgery. Iggy on the other hand decides to never go back to the hospital life as he has left with Martin and the kids.

So expect New Amsterdam Season 4 to dive deep into the relationship of Max. The entire season saw both of them struggling with their personal lives. They both tried to balance it out with the professional one. Max with his daughter and Helen with Mina. Things might have gone more wrong through the end of the season. But it’s not to worry as long as they have each other if we believe. They found what they were looking for after all. Lastly, we will see how Floyd would serve in his new position. The bad news here is we might not see the fan-favorite Iggy again. He kind of signified his exit stating he doesn’t want to go back. But who knows we might see more of his life with Martin someday leading back to the hospital. All in New Amsterdam Season 4.

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