Preview and Recap: New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6

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New Amsterdam Season 3 has been going on for a while now and had been feeding us with an intriguing plotline that is capable of keeping all the viewers hooked. Recently, we have seen that everyone was trying to give Iggy advice regarding his plans. This leads to him trusting that he needs to consult someone who is able to help him professionally. While going on for a group therapy session, he comes across someone who is also facing so major issues in their life. Well, the life of doctors is not in a stable state yet as the whole place is in chaos. The panic grows even more when they learn that there is no blood in the entire hospital. Well, we will go on and discuss the previous episode later in the recap section. Right now, we shall discuss the details of what lies ahead for us in the series.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date 
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New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6 Release Date 

New Amsterdam season 3 episode 6 is scheduled to release on the 6th of April 2021 and is titled ‘Why Not Yesterday’. The episode will air on its designated time slot on NBC at 10/9c on NBC. Also, you guys should keep in mind for further information that new episodes of the show drop out every week on Tuesdays. The most convenient method of watching the show is to catch it online while its airs. Well, if you are someone who does not have a cable connection, then there is nothing to worry about because here we have mentioned some ways through which it will be easy for you to watch the episodes of your favorite series. The official website of NBC or its application will help you binge all the episodes if you have missed out on any.

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Plus, it also includes a wide variety of selections of the series that you all can watch when you are waiting for another episode of New Amsterdam. To keep in mind, New Amsterdam drops out in the platform sometime after its original air. There are other options too for watching New Amsterdam season 3 such as tuning in at Apple TV or iTunes as well as Peacock or YouTube TV that has the new episodes. Also, the streaming platform provided by Hulu has all the episodes of season 2 as well as season 3 of New Amsterdam that can be watched with a subscription. Episodes or even the entire installment can be rented out from Amazon Prime Video if you want to watch the series.

New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers and Recap

Now, you all might be wondering about what is going to happen next in the season. Here, we have mentioned some spoilers of the show and thus, if someone feels uncomfortable in reading them, feel free to skip the part. Now, in this episode, we will witness Max is quite furious at how systemic racism is taking its toll on the hospital. He makes it his goal to take charge of this discrimination happening in New Amsterdam. Obviously, this is a deep-rooted issue and will not be easy for Max to solve with a spark but instead is going to take a lot of effort. Despite all of that, we are pretty sure that Max is a strong person and will be able to carry out his desired task. On the other hand, Bloom is getting some serious life lessons and we will witness her treating a patient.

The aftermath of this situation teaches her how this is not always as they seem they are. Sharpe has his own personal issues going on. In the next episode, we are going to acknowledge him tending to the affairs of his family. Here, we have also mentioned a promotional video regarding the upcoming episode and it will give you all a powerful insight into what the show might actually be. Previously in the show, we have seen that Iggy is not in a stable state of mind but is quite unprepared to see someone just yet. On the other hand, the problems were created by the low blood bank supply at the hospital. It was Helen who informs Max regarding this situation.

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