New All Might Smash Revealed in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Manga

Not many are familiar with My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga. It is a spin-off manga of My Hero Academia main manga. This manga was launched in 2016 September it is based on the past events which have taken place before the start of the story of the main manga. In the main storyline, All Might has now passed on his powers to Midoriya and now is leading a common life with no powers so it is safe to say that we will not be getting to see new smashes from him in the main story.

In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes chapter 55 All Might was finally shown and he helped the vigilantes deal with a pretty dangerous Nomu threat. In the chapter, we saw the Nomu subdivided into numerous bomb equipped bodies. They were right in between the civilians when they threatened to kill them all. All Might stepped up and showed us his new smash.

This one is known as Nebraska Smash. Using this smash he first rotated his arms around at superfast speed, this created a whirlpool of wind which just made the bombs fly away to a safe location where there are no civilians and then just in the middle of the wind used his Nebraska Smash to save the day again. This is awesome to see for the fans of All Might as they cannot get to see him using his powers in the main series.

So, this is a great opportunity for us to see more and more awesome powers of this legendary hero. We all hope to get to see some more awesome smashes during the course of this spin-off manga series.


Hiyuki Furuhashi is the writer of this manga and Betten Court is the illustrator. It is being published by Shueisha and its English publishers are Viz Media. The magazines in which it has been released are Shōnen Jump GIGA  and also Shōnen Jump +.

Thus far there have been almost six compiled volumes that have been released since the launch of the manga. Unlike the main manga, this spin-off manga is not about professional and licensed heroes but unlicensed vigilantes. These unofficial heroes haven’t got any pro licenses but operate from the shadows to fight against evil. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding All Might’s new Nebraska Smash revealed in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga chapter 55? I’m excited about this spin-off manga.

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