Nevertheless Webtoon Spoilers: Everything We Know

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Nevertheless Webtoon Spoilers
Nevertheless Webtoon

Nevertheless, webtoon has caught many viewers’ attention due to JTBC’s new K-drama with the same title. Unlike the K-drama, the webtoon story is slightly different and darker. The webtoon has been completed, which leaves the reader more curious about the ending. Nevertheless webtoon is one of those fewer manhwas who depicts the reality of an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Even in the Kdrama, the main cast, Han So Hee as Na Bi, Song Kang as Park Jae Eon, Chae Jong Hyeop as Yang Do Hyuk, and Lee Yeol Eum as Yoon Seol Ah have excellently portrayed their characters. But could love blossom knowing it would only lead to disruption than a blooming future?

Nevertheless is a Korean webtoon written by Jeongseo. It was originally published on the Naver network and had 40 episodes or chapters. The webtoon adapted into a Kdrama with the same name, Nevertheless, on the JTBC channel. It is a romantic webtoon revolving around two souls who are completely different yet similar. Finding love after breaking your heart over your first love is never an easy thing. Then what about finding love when you do not even understand the true meaning of it? It is the story of a girl named Na Bi who lost faith in love after breaking up with her first love and a boy, Park Jae Eon, who never believed in love his whole life. What fate has in store for them as they crossed the path? That is what to know in Nevertheless webtoon.

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Nevertheless Webtoon Spoilers

1. What Is The Role Of Yoon Seol Ah?

Yoon Seol Ah is an ex-girlfriend of Park Jae Eon and the second female lead. It is hard to believe that the heart of the playboy could waver for anyone, but it seems it did. It did for Yoon Seol Ah to some extent. Both Seol Ah and Jae Eon seem very intimate with each other. Seol Ah even commented on his flirty personality. The webtoon reveals Jae Eon and Seol Ah dated when they were younger but broke up due to Jar Eon’s playboy nature. Later on, she went to study abroad.

Finally, Seol Ah comes back from finishing her study for Jae Eon. It appears that some things are hard to change, and that is the case for Seol Ah. In webtoon, the relationship between Seol Ah, Jae Eon, and Na Bi gets darker. Seol Ah holds a precise space in Jae Eon’s heart is a pretty obvious thing, but what exactly it is not known. Seol Ah takes advantage of the fight between the two and gets closer to Jae Eon. But in the end, she does not end up with Jar Eon, which is a pretty good thing knowing how much toxicity that person holds.

2. How Did Park Jae Eon End Up Becoming?

Park Jae Eon is one of the main protagonists, which we do not even want to be. His character is completely different from our normal playboy, who changes for the main female lead. In the webtoon, it seems his character gets to the darker and darker side. At one point, he even becomes obsessed over Na Bi in a very unhealthy way, which leads to the worst outcome for both. As the story progress, he gets confused between Seol Ah and Na Bi. Seol Ah indeed holds a special corner, but with Na Bi, it seems hard to depict. As if he is captivated.

Nevertheless Webtoon Spoilers
Park Jae Eon and Na Bi from Nevertheless Webtoon

After knowing Na Bi was the reason between his and Seol Ah’s fight, he tries to take revenge out of anger. That led to his unhealthy obsession with Na Bi. He makes her fall for him and even gets her physically attached to him. In the end, he breaks Na Bi’s heart out of revenge. He does not end up with anyone in the webtoon. His character is not explained in all detail, but there is no character development. So do not get deceived by his sweet, caring act. The story tells that it was all dues to his family. His family was awful to each other, and he thought that the same would happen to him. But can we really blame his family for his cruel, manipulative, and twisted behavior?

3. Who Did Na Bi End Up With?

In the webtoon, Na Bi ends with Yang Do Hyuk, the second male of the webtoon. Such twist we have here, don’t we? This is one of those few webtoons where the female actually ends up with the second male lead. However, it seems the previous relationships take a toll on her. Even with Do Hyuk, her relationship does not look in a great state.

Nevertheless Webtoon Spoilers
Nevertheless Webtoon Ending

To overcome Park Jae Eon’s betray, Na Bi makes every effort, like she cut her hair, moves to a new place, and even gets into a relationship with Do Hyuk. But all of that appears like a fake protection mask. Inside she still feels insecure and hard to trust others. In the last episode where Do Hyuk talks to his female friends, it seems Na Bi could not help but suspect his behavior. It was just small talk but still made her limitless insecure.

The webtoon teaches us the aftermath of every toxic relationship always leaves scars hard to heal. Those scares make the person inferior to others, hard to trust people, lose faith in love, and even sometimes, to great extent, self-harming. It becomes hard to overcome those feelings. For some, it takes days to years before they overcome it. But how will Na Bi overcome them while suppressing every dark emotion? Read the webtoon Nevertheless and join Na Bi with her exciting thriller journey of finding “what is love?”.

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