Preview & Recap: Nevertheless Episode 4

Nevertheless Episode 4

Our article today is about the popular K-Drama – Nevertheless, Episode 4: Release Date and Preview. Over the last few years, our world has seen a paradigm shift in power from the hands of the West to that of the East. This is especially true when it comes to the global popular culture scene. The Korean Peninsula seems to have overtaken the world entertainment industry. Be it music, films, television, or culture; South Korea is winning everywhere.

Nevertheless, is a limited series on Netflix. It is a 10-episode K-Drama based on a popular webtoon, or manhwa, of the same name. The story in Nevertheless, follows the lives of two art students – Nabi and Jae Eon. While Jae Eon is a flirtatious first-year student, Nabi is a quiet second-year student. Nabi has recently gotten out of a toxic relationship where her partner cheated on her. She needs to find some stability in life and the people around her before starting to believe in love again.

Though we see Nabi completely infatuated with Jae Eon, it is still unsure whether he is capable of healing her broken heart. Here’s what you can expect from Nevertheless, Episode 4. You will also find a detailed recap of Nevertheless, Episode 3 in case you missed it.

Nevertheless, Episode 4: Release Date and Preview

The Nevertheless, Episode 4 will be released at 11 p.m. KST on July 10, 2021. You can watch it from anywhere in the world on Netflix, right after it has been aired on South Korea’s JTBC channel. Find a detailed preview of Nevertheless, Episode 4 below.

In the upcoming Nevertheless, Episode 4, we will see Nabi and Jae Eon get closer to each other than ever before. In fact, the two of them start spending most of their time together. However, their relationship is still not exclusive. In fact, Nabi questions Jae Eon if he is seeing someone else. Jae Eon dodges the question by saying that they aren’t even going out with each other. We see Nabi completely smitten by Jae Eon if it was still possible.

A new character seems to have appeared. It is the same guy who we catch a small glimpse of in Nevertheless, Episode 3. You can read more about him in the Episode 3 Recap. It seems as though he has even cooked a meal for Nabi.

Kyu Hyun, on the other hand, asks someone to be his girlfriend. Bitna is sitting at the other table, and she gets very jealous. We see a little story between the two of them in Nevertheless, Episode 3. Read on to find out more!

Nevertheless, Episode 3: Recap

The Nevertheless, Episode 3 picked up from where the previous episode had left off – Jae Eon and Nabi’s kiss. After innumerable incidents where they almost kissed – we finally see it here. And Nabi exclaims that with this kiss, ‘hell gates’ have opened. Nabi breaks the kiss first and tells Jae Eon that his breath smells of cigarettes. Jae Eon smiles and says that they can continue after he brushes his teeth, but Nabi says that everyone is waiting for them.

Nabi and Jae Eon

Neither Nabi nor Jae Eon can sleep at night. So they get up and stare at each other in the middle of the night. After everyone crashes at Nabi’s place for the night, the next scene starts with a conversation between Sol and Jiwon in a restaurant. They’re talking about Nabi and Jae Eon. However, they don’t notice that someone in the restaurant was quietly listening to their conversation. He carefully picks up on the mentions of Nabi’s name.

In the meanwhile, Nabi is out on the terrace of her university. She is very flustered about having kissed Jae Eon last night. She looks up several online forums to learn about people’s experiences of getting drunk and kissing others. Sol joins her on the terrace. She asks Sol about the same concern – what does it mean to kiss someone randomly? Nabi’s question amuses Sol. However, her answer is ambiguous. Sol tells Nabi that it all depends on the other person. Nabi is seen contemplating Sol’s answer.

Nabi’s Dilemma

Right after Nabi and Sol have a conversation, the scene jumps to Jae Eon working on his assignment. He is absolutely engrossed in his work. However, he receives a message and checks his phone. Someone called Seol-a texts Jae Eon about boarding a plane, and we see Jae Eon smiling at his phone.

On the other hand, Nabi is in class, but she cannot focus on her work. She is completely consumed in the thoughts of Sol’s answer to her question. We see Nabi bothered by her kiss with Jae Eon last night. It seems as though she wants to give it some meaning. Nabi even picks up her phone and starts typing out a message to Jae Eon about having a conversation about last night. But she erases it quickly, thereby not giving in to her impulses.

Nevertheless, Episode 4 Preview
Nabi thinks about the kiss

Between Bitna and Kyu Hyun’s playful banter, class begins quickly. The teacher comes and analyses everyone’s work. Before leaving, she tells the class to go out and enjoy the great Seoul weather. She even suggests that the students should go on dates. She tells them that art students must find inspiration outdoors. Before leaving, she makes a remark about a student telling her that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with girls. All he wants is to flirt with them. However, the professor doesn’t reveal who the student is.

Jae Eon’s New Friend

Later, we see Nabi working late in the workshop as usual. She is still engrossed in the thoughts of deciphering what the kiss meant. She finds herself wondering what she could possibly mean to Jae Eon. Nabi decides she needs to have dinner and goes out to get some. While passing through the first-year workshop, Nabi sees Jae Eon working. She doesn’t approach him but observes from afar. Nabi sees that Jae Eon receives a phone call from Seol-a and leaves the workshop.

Nevertheless Episode 4
Nabi follows Jae Eon

Yoon Nabi follows Jae Eon to see who he is going to meet. She sees Seol-a tug at Jae Eon’s arms. Nabi starts feeling like a complete fool seeing them together. She is embarrassed for having stalked Jae Eon. Meanwhile, we see Jae Eon with the same girl who he had previously picked up from the airport.

Nabi goes to the departmental store to get some dinner. It turns out that the cashier is a junior of hers – Eun Han. He is very friendly with Nabi. It is evident that Eun Han has a crush on her. Eun Han follows Nabi out of the store and gives her his number. In the meanwhile, Seol-a and Jae Eon are watching the two of them. Seol-a asks him about who she is. To which, Jae Eon gives a simple answer – a senior or a friend. Later, Jae Eon tells her that he will free his butterflies. Seol-a tells him that she thinks he has finally grown up.

When Jae Eon tells her about Nabi, Seol-a takes her previous statement back. She says that it must be fate – Jae Eon finding Nabi. Jae Eon replies by saying that it is Seol-a who is his fate.

Nabi and Jae Eon’s Confrontation

Frankly, in Nevertheless, Episode 3, we see a lot happen between Eun Han and Nabi. However, it doesn’t seem like it is important to write about it. Nevertheless, Episode 4 will certainly not take Eun Han and Nabi’s story forward. It seems as though Eun Han’s only role was to make Jae Eon jealous – which he did successfully. Let us tell you how that happened.

After having texted Nabi at night, Eun Han got her fruits in class the next day. Jae Eon visits Nabi too and sees Eun Han talking to her informally. Jae Eon is visibly jealous. He even makes shrewd comments to sabotage Eun Han and Nabi’s new friendship. Nabi is absolutely astounded to see him behave this way. She drags Jae Eon out to talk to him.

Nabi and Jae Eon in Class

On the terrace, Nabi finally confronts Jae Eon about their kiss. She asks him why he never called. Jae Eon said that she didn’t contact him either. Nabi apologizes to Jae Eon and says that she is not ‘that kind of a person. Jae Eon tells her that he thought she was enjoying it too. He then says that he will never try anything again with her and wishes her luck with Jae Eon.

After this day, Eun Han spends a fun date with Nabi. They even watch movies and have meals together. Later while walking her home, Eun Han tries to kiss Nabi. She is slightly taken aback by this action and ends up laughing at him. Eun Han is visibly embarrassed, which is the end of the two of them together.

Jae Eon Takes Care of Nabi

The next day there is a festival that all the art students attend. Nabi visits too. However, Eun Han is there with another girl. Nabi is embarrassed because she would have come had she known. Jae Eon witnesses it all from afar. It is probably because Jae Eon has seen everything that Nabi is even more embarrassed. 

Nabi goes home at night for the day, but she starts feeling unwell. Jae Eon calls her. But as they talk, Nabi’s phone runs out of battery, and the call gets disconnected. She then goes out to the pharmacy to get some medicines. When Nabi is back, she sees a huge crowd gathered outside her apartment. It turns out that Jae Eon has called for help after he was unable to get to her. Nabi had told him that she was unwell, but they couldn’t complete the call.

Nevertheless Episode 4
Jae Eon takes care of Nabi

Later, Nabi invites Jae Eon to have dinner at her place. She starts feeling unwell. Jae Eon springs to action quickly and carries her to bed, scooped up in his arms. He then holds her hand as she falls asleep. Nabi wakes up first in the morning and sees that Jae Eon used a cloth soaked in water to bring her temperature down. She brushes her fingers through his hair, to which Jae Eon wakes up.

While getting ready for college, Nabi asks Jae Eon why he never lets his hair down. Jae Eon is amused by the question but answers it anyway. He says that it is less bothersome that way. Nabi requests Jae Eon to wear his hair down for her. Jae Eon quickly climbs to bed and says that he wants to see her in her hair tied up. In fact, Jae Eon takes matters into his own hands and ties her hair up. This small action brings the two closer. Jae Eon and Nabi ultimately take their relationship to the next level. Jae Eon tells her that he has been attracted to her since the first time he saw her.

Yoon Sol and Jiwon Have a Row

As we see Nabi and Jae Eon’s story unfurl slowly, the same happens for their other friends too. Yoon Sol meets up with the man whose coffee she had spilled. His name is Jung Ju Hyeok. He is not interested in Yoon Sol’s money. It seems as though he likes her and wants to keep seeing her. It turns out he is Yoon Sol’s senior by two years. In the meanwhile, Jiwon is on a date with a guy. They watch a movie together, and Jiwon exclaims how she must make Sol watch it too. Jiwon sees Sol standing at the bus stop with Ju Hyeok. She is taken aback slightly as she has no idea who he is.

Nevertheless Episode 4
Jiwon and Yoon Sol

Later, Jiwon also finds out about Sol applying abroad for exchange programs. Again, she’s disappointed because she didn’t know about it. Jiwon tells Nabi that the only reason she chose to get an art degree was to be with Sol. Later at the festival, Jiwon finds out that all her and Sol’s friends knew about the latter’s exchange program application. Sol brought Hu Hyeok to the festival. Everyone thought of them as a couple. Sehun, who admitted to having a crush on Sol, was also visibly heartbroken.

Jiwon, on the other hand, absolutely overreacted to Ju Hyeok and Sol. She even threw a fit and left the festival in a fury. Sol ran after her. It seems as though there can be somewhat of a romantic relationship forming between Sol and Jiwon. However, the storyline is not mature enough to determine the course of their relationship yet. Perhaps, we will know more in Nevertheless, Episode 4.

Bitna and Kyu Hyun’s Relationship

In Nevertheless, Episode 3, another sub-plot that we see developing within Nabi and Jae Eon’s main storyline is that of Bitna and Kyu Hyun’s. In the previous episodes, we could see the two of them hit it off really well. Kyu Hyun’s quiet demeanor around Bitna were tell-tale signs of his intense feelings for her.

It turns out that Bitna, Kyu Hyun, and Sehun were the festival’s main organizers in Nevertheless, Episode 3. After the festival ends successfully, all the participants go to a nearby diner to celebrate. Bitna gets too drunk to even get up. As Kyu Hyun helps her get on her feet, the two end up kissing each other. We can expect this story to develop further in the Nevertheless, Episode 4.

Nevertheless Episode 4
Kyu Hyun and Bitna

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