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Preview & Recap: Nevertheless Episode 3

Nevertheless Park Jae Eon Actor
Nevertheless, Episode 3: Release Date, Preview and Recap

Today’s article is about Nevertheless, Episode 3 Release Date and Preview. Over the last few years, we have seen a massive shift in how our world consumes popular culture. South Korea is the leading entertainment content industry today – be it music, movies, or dramas. One leading drama that seems to have taken K-Drama enthusiasts worldwide by storm these days is ‘Nevertheless,’. Read on to find out why and how.

Nevertheless, is the story of two art students. Yoon Nabi (played by Han So Hee) has just gotten out of a long-term relationship wherein her boyfriend cheated on her. On the other hand, Park Jae Yeon (played by Song Kang) is a mysterious boy in Nabi’s university who seems to be way too full of charm. There are several red flags to Jae Eon’s character and the way he carries himself labeling him as troublesome. But Nabi cannot help falling for him regardless. The question now is – will Jae Eon break Nabi’s heart too? Or will Nabi finally find her one true love?

Nevertheless,‘ is based on a webtoon of the same name. Perhaps the main reason behind its high viewership ratings is the fact that the story is really relatable. How many times have we, as young twenty-something-year-olds, fallen for someone we knew was not good for us? More times than we can probably count. The younger audience can relate to Nabi on every possible level. Throughout the series, you will see that Nabi realizes that she just draws the line with Jae Eon. But the problem is – she just can’t. Let’s find out more about Nevertheless, Episode 3 Release Date and Preview. There is also a detailed Nevertheless, Episode 3 Recap below.

Nevertheless, Episode 3 Release Date and Preview

The first two episodes of ‘Nevertheless,’ have already brought the popular K-Drama’s audience to the very edge of their seats. The ‘Nevertheless,‘ Episode 3 Release Date is on July 3, 2021. ‘Nevertheless,‘ Episode 3 will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix right after its television broadcast. The show will be aired in South Korea via JTBC‘s national channel. The time of the broadcast is 11:00 p.m. KST on July 3, 2021. Read on to find out what you should be expecting from ‘Nevertheless,‘ Episode 3.

Here is a short ‘Nevertheless,‘ Episode 3 Preview for you to look forward to. In ‘Nevertheless,’ Episode 3, we will see Nabi even more confused about her feelings for Jae Eon. She sees him go off with another girl. A junior of hers gets close to Nabi. They even spend time together as she works late. Nabi tells Jae Eon that she is closer to her junior than she is to him. We will also see Jae Eon tell Nabi that he has been attracted to her from the very beginning. This confession further sizzles things up between the two. Watch ‘Nevertheless,‘ Episode 3 this upcoming Saturday to see how the story unfolds further.

Nevertheless, Episode 2 Recap

Did you miss Nevertheless, Episode 2? Worry not, for we have you covered. Here’s a detailed Nevertheless, Episode 2 Recap for you to keep up with the story. Like we already told you in our previous article, in the 2nd episode, the audience gets more clarity about Park Jae Eon’s character. Nevertheless, Episode 2 is called ‘It’s Not Only Me. Nevertheless,’.

Nevertheless, Episode 2 Recap

Nabi and Jae Eon in Nevertheless, Episode 2 (credits: Netflix)

The story begins where it left off in Episode 1. We see Park Jae Eon and Yoon Nabi in the park – almost about to kiss. This is when Jae Eon receives a phone call. We aren’t shown who it is from, but he tells Nabi that he can’t make it to her place. He asks if the next day works for her. The scene ends with Nabi calming herself after the moment she just shared with Jae Eon. She then smiles to herself as she saves his number in her phone.

The next day, we see Nabi and Bitna in the university cafeteria. This is when a butterfly reminds Nabi of Jae Eon. In the meanwhile, Bitna warns Nabi about Jae Eon’s flirtatious behavior. She tells him that he is like that with everyone and is not looking for anything serious. Soon they are joined by Jae Eon and another friend for lunch. Bitna leaves the table to give Nabi and Jae Eon privacy.

Nabi and Jae Eon In The Club

During their lunchtime conversation, Jae Eon asks Nabi to grant him another wish. The two of them then go to a nightclub. The loud music there bothers Nabi as she covers her ears. She wants to leave the club, but Jae Eon insists she dances with him. Reluctantly, Nabi gives in. It isn’t half as bad as she thought it would be. The viewers can see how whipped Nabi is for Jae Eon. They start slow dancing with each other. The chemistry between the two has wholly drowned the loud club music.

Nevertheless, Episode 3 Release Date

Nabi and Jae Eon (credits: Netflix)

Nabi and Jae Eon are just about to kiss when a nearby club-goer pushes her. That’s when Nabi says that she needs to use the washroom. In the washroom, as Nabi freshens herself, she sees a stylish girl touch up her make-up. This makes Nabi conscious of her humble appearance.

Nabi goes outside the club to see Jae Eon smoking. As Nabi is about to walk up to him, the same girl from the club approaches Jae Eon first and asks him to join her and others inside. It seems as though the two are old acquaintances. However, Jae Eon is visibly irritated by the sudden invitation. He tells her that he’s here with Nabi. This is when the girl locks her arms with Nabi and says she should join them too. Nabi notices a similar butterfly pattern on the girl’s inner arms as Jae Eon had drawn on hers during their first meeting.

During their walk home later, Nabi questions Jae Eon about the butterfly. He says that she must’ve drawn it herself. He wants to take her home since it’s late, but Nabi refuses, and both go their separate ways.

Jae Eon and Nabi In The University

The next day, all the senior students are busy with what seems like an assignment. As Bitna tries to click pictures of an upside-down Nabi, the latter falls and hurts herself. Quite literally, out of nowhere, Jae Eon comes running and asks her if she’s alright. He asks Nabi why she hasn’t replied to his messages, to which she says that she didn’t have her phone. The same night, we see the two of them have a fun conversation over the phone. The chemistry and atmosphere between them are those of two people who have mutual attraction between them.

The next day, as Jae Eon is busy digging fresh mud for sculpting, Sehun approaches him for a part-time position. Initially, we see Jae Eon ready to deny it. However, he says he will consider after Sehun tells him about the possibility of Nabi working too. Two girls ask Jae Eon to have lunch with them, but he firmly denies it. All this while, Jae Eon is on a call with someone. However, the viewers never find out who it is.

Jae Eon lends Nabi a Helping Hand

In the meanwhile, the scene shifts to Nabi’s sleeping figure. The violent ringing of her doorbell wakes her up from a peaceful slumber. Nabi opens the door only to be surprised by Jae Eon. Before she barely registers what is going on, Jae Eon enters the apartment and begins kissing her desperately. The urgency in the kiss is very apparent.

Neverthless, Episode 3 Preview

Nevertheless, on Netflix

Nabi, though taken entirely aback, doesn’t fight Jae Eon. In fact, she willingly gives in. As the two take their action to the living room, we see Nabi waking up to the constant ringing of her phone. Jae Eon is calling her. That’s right. Nabi dreamt about the whole thing.

Nabi realizes that she is very late for class. She runs for her life and reaches in time for the afternoon lecture. However, she has already missed her presentation, and the professor gives her a penalty for the same. Jae Eon is surprised to see Nabi in the afternoon class. She tells him that she usually takes the morning one.

During their entire interaction, Nabi is cold towards him. She is not feeling well. Nabi thinks she got her period, but she goes to the washroom to check that she didn’t. Nabi texts Bitna profusely to ask her to purchase sanitary napkins, but Bitna is busy playing video games. When Nabi’s presentation starts, she rushes through it. During the presentation, as she is standing on the podium, Nabi gets her period. As soon as it ends, she runs out of class.

Later, we see Jae Eon go after her. He realizes what’s wrong and opens his shirt and ties it around Nabi’s waist. Nabi asks him not to tell anyone about what happened. Jae Eon promises he won’t. Nabi tells him that she will wash and return his shirt the next day.

Nabi And Jae Eon At The Restaurant

Along with all their friends, seniors, juniors, Nabi and Jae Eon meet up for dinner. This is when one of their seniors keeps making inappropriate comments at Nabi. There is severe tension in the air as we see Jae Eon flirting with some other girls. However, after the senior ultimately puts Nabi off, Jae Eon and her leave the table for a while.

Outside the restaurant, Jae Eon firmly denies anything going on between Nabi and him. This saddens Nabi. She goes to the washroom and tells Bitna that she was so sure of their chemistry. Nabi also tells her that she might be right about Jae Eon after all. However, Bitna asks her to keep faith. Before going back into the restaurant, Jae Eon tells Nabi that it is perfectly alright for two people to be attracted to each other and not be in a relationship. Perhaps this was the first red flag about Jae Eon that Nabi should’ve noticed.

Nabi and Jae Eon At Her Home

After everyone has fun at the restaurant, it is time to take the party home. Some of the students go over to Nabi’s place for drinks and games. While playing, turn the bottle, it’s Nabi’s and Jae Eon’s turn to kiss, but they drink instead.

Nevertheless Webtoon Ending Explained

Nabi and Jae Eon At Her Home (credits: Netflix)

While they’re too loud, Nabi’s neighbors come to complain about the noise. However, Jae Eon’s charm completely throws them off their tracks, and they leave without any commotion. Everyone goes out for a smoke. Nabi catches two of her juniors getting intimate in her closet. At first, she thinks it’s Jae Eon but is relieved to be wrong about it.

When she goes to see them off, Nabi sees Jae Eon kissing another girl under the streetlight. She hides from Jae Eon, but he sees her. Jae Eon comes to Nabi and tells her that the girl wanted to kiss him. However, he says that it is Nabi who he wants to kiss. As he tries to kiss her on the street, Nabi pushes him back. Jae Eon says that he won’t kiss her unless she wants it. But Nabi is actually wiping lipstick off his lips. He probably got it while kissing the other girl. Nabi willingly kisses Jae Eon after this.

We were indeed surprised by how Nabi ignored every possible rule and red flag in the book and fell for Jae Eon anyway. It will undoubtedly be very interesting to see how their story turns out to be.

What is Yoon Sol’s Story?

Another interesting character development and probably a sub-plot within the series is that of Yoon Sol. She is a brilliant student but it seems as though she has her own secrets. Yoon Sol gets a call from the boy whose coffee she spilled in the first episode. He tells her that he would like to meet in person. Yoon Sol is surprised because she thought she would just transfer him the money.

In the meanwhile, it turns out that Sehun has a huge crush on Yoon Sol. However, he is scared of approaching her and asks Jiwon for her. Jiwon, albeit unwillingly, helps him by inviting Yoon Sol to dinner. It seems as though something is off about Jiwon too. At times, she comes across as too possessive of Yoon Sol. Hopefully, we will know more in the upcoming episodes of ‘Nevertheless,’. Stay tuned for further updates.

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