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Preview & Recap: Nevertheless Episode 2

Nevertheless Episode 2 Release Date and Preview
Nevertheless, Episode 2: Release Date, Preview and Recap

It is certainly no surprise that over the last few years, South Korea has become the leading provider of entertainment content all over the world. Be it music, films, or dramas, the country seems to triumph over every sphere in the industry. In our article today, we will be talking about Nevertheless Episode 2 Release Date and Preview. There is also an extensive Nevertheless Episode 1 Recap as you proceed to the sections below. Read on to find out more.

With the current craze of K-Dramas, the release of a new one is always exciting. Nevertheless is based on a webtoon called ‘Algoitjiman’ by Jung Seo. It was published between November 2018 and July 2019 in Naver Webtoon. It is a love story. The plotline revolves around the lives of two art students – Yoo Nabi and Park Jae Eon. Nabi has recently broken up with her longtime beau over reasons of infidelity. Meanwhile, Jae Eon is a friendly and charming student with who everyone likes and wants to be friends. But, it turns out that he is somewhat of a womanizer and doesn’t want to commit to anyone. Meanwhile, Nabi seems to have lost all faith in love.

However, what connects the two of them together is ‘butterflies’. The question now is, will this uncanny connection change the nature of these two people who were probably destined to be together? Only time will tell. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Nevertheless Episode 2.

Nevertheless Episode 2: Release Date And Preview

Nevertheless Episode 2 will release on the 26th of June 2021. You can watch it from anywhere in the world on Netflix. If in South Korea, catch the latest K-Drama on JTBC’s official national channel at 11:00 p.m. KST. Nevertheless has taken up the weekend slot that was earlier occupied by ‘Undercover’. New episodes will release every Saturday for a total of 10 weeks. Each episode is around 70 to 75 minutes in duration.

Here is a preview of the Nevertheless Episode 2 about what you can expect from the next installment in the series. Episode 2 is titled ‘It’s Not Only Me. Nevertheless,‘. We will see Nabi inviting all of her friends and juniors for a party at her place. This helps her and Jae Eon get closer. There is also a small clip of the two making out with each other on the couch. Meanwhile, it is also possible that Nabi will find Jae Eon getting closer to someone else out on the streets. The preview also shows Nabi getting Jae Eon’s help without even asking for it when it comes to dealing with a certain ‘situation’. Perhaps, it is time for Nabi to find out that Jae Eon is not looking for any kind of a committed relationship. Stay tuned to find out more!

Nevertheless, Episode 1 Recap

Park Jae Eun with Yoo Nabi In Nevertheless,

Nevertheless Episode 1: Recap


Episode 1 of Nevertheless, was titled ‘There’s No Such Thing as Fate. Nevertheless,‘. If you haven’t had time to catch the 72-minute episode that aired on the 19th of June, 2021, we have you covered. Below, you will find a detailed Nevertheless, Episode 1 Recap.

Episode 1 of the series started with a small background history of Nabi’s previous relationship. On a cold winter evening, with flowers in her hand, Nabi visits an art gallery. However, there is a sculpture on display that takes her by shock. Suddenly, a man calls her by her name. This small, and seemingly harmless, action makes her the laughing stock among all the visitors. That is because the odd sculpture that everyone kept gawking at was hers. It was titled, ‘the view of a lover from behind’. Nabi ran away to hide in the staircase. The sculptor, and her then-boyfriend, came looking for her. He ended up blaming Nabi for not understanding great art.

This then brings more flashbacks. It starts with how Nabi met the man whose face was never revealed. The audience can clearly understand how the man manipulated Nabi. One day, one of Nabi’s juniors comes to tell her something about her boyfriend. Nabi visits his studio later to catch him cheating on her. This is when she decides that she has had enough. Nabi calls him to a bar and breaks up with him. This is the end of her past relationship.

Neverthless, Episode 2 Release Date

Nabi and Jae Eun

Nabi And Jae Eon – The First First Meeting

On the same night and same bar where she broke up, Nabi meets Jae Eon. He comes and touches her shoulders. It is clear that Jae Eon mistakes Nabi for someone else. However, when she clarifies who she is, Jae Eon cancels his previous engagement to be with Nabi. The two of them have a great night together before Nabi decides to ghost him before the end of the evening.

It is not too difficult to understand that the two of them are whipped at each other ever since they met. Nabi plays darts with Jae Eon. His touches make her euphoric. Nabi notices the butterfly tattoo on the nape of Jae Eon’s neck. In Korean, ‘Nabi’ means ‘butterfly’. Jae Eon is fascinated by her name. He even draws a butterfly on her arm. The two of them leave the bar for a while. A drunken girl approaches them and asks for a cigarette. However, Jae Eon only has one left. Out of sheer jealousy, Nabi takes the last one even though she doesn’t smoke. In fact, she ends up coughing as she breathes the cigarette in for the very first time.

Jae Eon asks her if they can leave the bar and go over to his place. Nabi says she needs to go to the bathroom. When she comes back, Nabi overhears Jae Eon talking to someone over the phone. He is asking the person on the other side why they’re still awake. This leads Nabi to assume that Jae Eon is not available to be with her more permanently. She has already been cheated upon once and it is only natural that she can’t take it again. Wordlessly, Nabi leaves the bar.

Nevertheless Episode 2 Preview

Jae Eun and Nabi in the park – Nevertheless Episode 1

Nabi And Jae Eon – The Second First Meeting

You must take note of the fact that Nabi never asked Jae Eon his name. While Jae Eon knew things about her, Nabi knew absolutely nothing. After their brief first meeting, we see Nabi being called to the professor’s office regarding her exchange program application. However, she is asked to go in with her classmate Yoon Sol. Reluctantly, both of them go in.

The professor tells Nabi that her grades are not up to the mark for her choice of universities. Meanwhile, Yoon Sol has a  great academic profile. The professor hands her Nabi’s list of universities to consider. Both of them leave the office. However, neither is bitter towards the other. This shows their great friendship. Yoon Sol tells Nabi that not everyone’s problems can be solved by moving abroad.

Later, we see Bit Na drag Nabi to the terrace for a cigarette. Here, she tells Nabi about a junior wanting to have drinks with her. However, Nabi is not interested. She wants to work hard and get somewhere in life. We see that Nabi loves working at night usually. She works alone in their workshop while the rest of her class is away. Later, Nabi sees two people getting intimate in the library. She’s not sure if it’s Jae Eon even though she thinks it is.

Later, Bit Na calls Nabi for a dinner with their juniors. She introduces Nabi as the girl who never goes out for a party. This is where Nabi and Jae Eon meet again. Turns out he is the junior who wanted to have a drink with her. The two of them go out together to get ice-creams for everyone. Nabi is grateful to have some time alone with him. They talk about their first meeting.

Nabi Falls for Jae Eon

As the episode progresses, we see Nabi falling for Jae Eon head over heels. In fact, she starts believing that there is only a side of him that she knows. She finds ways to get closer to him and meet him. In fact, she gets jealous of everyone who knows him too well. We see the episode ending with Nabi and Jae Eon sharing a cute moment in her workshop after she made a stop at his. They go out to the campus parks for a walk. It is also very clear that Jae Eon is well aware of the effect he has on Nabi.

But the question is, are both Nabi and Jae Eon on the same page? They certainly reciprocate their feelings for each other. But Nabi has just come out of a serious relationship. And well, Jae Eon – we know nothing about him yet. It will be exciting to watch Jae Eon’s history and how their relationship unfolds in the Nevertheless, Episode 2. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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