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When is Ride Or Die Coming To Netflix?

Netflix’s Ride To Die- Release Date & Preview
Netflix’s Ride To Die- Release Date & Preview

New content is always welcomed by the audience, and newness is always needed, be it in film or anywhere. Ride to Die is an upcoming Japanese origin film on Netflix that is based on the subject of the Romance of the LGBT community. We tend to produce very few films in this domain, and we need to get more and more film so as to educate the audience as well as to bring a kind of newness into the film subjects. Netflix, in this process, is not leaving any stone unturned by continuously bringing up new kind of films for the audience that is keeping them ping to the platform.

Ride to Die is an LGBT psychological thriller film that is said to also have a romance element, as mentioned on the Netflix site on the page of this film. The film has been written by Nami Sakkawa and is directed by Ryuichi Hiroki and the film as will be releasing on Netflix that means you won’t need to go to theaters to watch the film and also you won’t face any hindrance due to language, as you know appropriate management in this regard is taken care by the Netflix or for that matter any other online streaming platforms.

Netflix’s Ride To Die- Release Date & Preview

Netflix’s Ride or Die

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Cast & Plot Details

As of now, the entire cast members of the film are not known, and also Netflix hasn’t mentioned anything regarding the cast of the film on its website like it does for other films. As from the trailers of the film Ride to Die, some of the actors have been identified and hence been mentioned here, complete list will be updated when there is an official statement regarding it from the makers or by Netflix. Nagasawa Rei as Mizuhara Kiko and Shinoda Nanae as Sato Honami are playing the lead roles in the films, and apart from the roles of Maki Yoko, Suzuki Anne, Taneka Tetsuhi, Tanaka Shunsuke, and Niro Shinya have been played by whom is yet to be known.

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Talking about the plot of the film, it is about Rei who falls in love with her classmate Nanae. Later, she discovers that her friend is been in deep trouble with domestic abuse by her husband, and this leads to a deadly crime committed by Rei, she murders Nanae’s husband also with that, she declares her love for Nanae. Then, things start to take an ugly turn because both of them become confused due to the activities they have done through their intentions weren’t wrong, but intentions don’t work for laws. But, Rei and Nanae’s love continues to be there even after all this both starts finding trouble due to their present and past lives, but as they say, life must go on, and so as in this film as well they start living their lives with what they have happily.

Ride or Die Release Date

Ride Or Die is going to release on April 15, 2021, that is, on Thursday, on the Netflix platform. The teaser trailer of the film, which was recently put up by Netflix, confirmed the release date of the film as there were several speculations going in for the release date as people, after getting to know about the plot of the film from the trailer, etc. started making the demand for the release date of the film officially and Netflix announced this news through the trailer of the film Ride to Die. The film is about 2.5 hours, so for the people who don’t like the short films though it is not that short but still won’t like it.

But, leaving aside everything, the storyline of the film seems strong enough to attract an audience to watch the film, and through Netflix, the film will be streaming not only in Japan but throughout the world. During, covid times when theaters were shut down, these online streaming platforms were the only saviors because during that time as well, they used to come up with new content, and it prevented the audience from the boredom, and yet now the pandemic is still not over.

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