Netflix’s Altered Carbon Season 2 Release Date And Cast Discussion

Altered Carbon season 1 ended with Lizzie facing the Bancrofts. It has been an explosive season, and fans can’t wait for Altered Carbon season 2. When will the second season come out and who are expected to be in the cast? Will Netflix renew the show after the second season? Here’s everything we know so far about Altered Carbon Season 2.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Altered Carbon was released last February 2, which means that we might get Altered Carbon Season 2 in about the same time next year. That’s how things should work, but according to Digital Spy, the production for the second season just started this month, October 2018.

Because of this, there’s no chance that we will see the second season in February 2019. Our best bet is to wait until the third or last quarter of 2019. However, it is heavily speculated that the release date would be two months after the official trailer was revealed, so we might want to look out for the trailer.

For this season, eight episodes are expected. The series is also confirmed to be renewed for three more seasons after Altered Carbon season 3. Unless there will be some changes, the show might avoid being axed before it ends its five-season run.

Altered Carbon Season 2 Cast And Updates

Joel Kinnaman was reported to not reprise his role as Takeshi Kovacs / Elias Ryker this season. When asked if he’s still cool in playing the role, the actor answered that if the story is cool, then he will give it a shot. He also admits that he doesn’t have the slightest idea about what’s going to happen in the second season.

Among Kinnaman are Dichen Lachman and Chris Conner who portrayed Reileen Kawahara and Poe respectively. This is because they were killed during the first season.

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