Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021: Upcoming Shows, Release Date & Where To Watch

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Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021 has created quite a buzz on the internet. For those who don’t know what the event was all about, this is the perfect place for them to scroll. What is Netflix TUDUM? What happened in the event? Who were the major highlights of the event? All these questions and many more have been surfacing on the internet ever since the vent was announced. The most anticipated fanfest of the year, Netflix TUDUM seems to have done justice to the fans. As for the paparazzi, this event has been a massive coverage. Moreover, Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight was a hyped topic. With the rising popularity of Korean shows across the globe, Netflix was bound to launch shows for the viewer’s entertainment.

Netflix TUDUM is a global fanfest organized for the extraordinarily large fan following of Netflix. It is the first-ever global event organized by the streaming platform. No wonder, Netflix is the world’s most preferred and the most-watched streaming platform. Hence, the event is set to create history. The word “TUDUM” has been a hot topic of discussion. Well, TUDUM is nothing but the omnipresent chime or sound that comes to ears before the Netflix title appears. Consequently, people across the continents have been familiar with this chime. It has created some sort of connection between the fans and the streaming site.

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight was indeed a major event. Many new shows were announced over there. Moreover, some special events were planned for the viewers that made them feel connected with their favorite stars. TUDUM was organized with the motive of announcing upcoming movies, series, and anime to the viewers. This event has been scheduled for 29 languages. Hence, we can assess the importance Netflix TUDUM holds.

Netflix Tudum Global

What Was Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021 All About? Where To Watch Netflix TUDUM Event?

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight was an event announcing the latest releases scheduled for the next few months. What shows will premiere on the streaming site from the Korean region was discussed in this event. Also, teasers, special clips, and other information about these shows were a part of this special fanfest. On the other hand, the Netflix TUDUM global fanfest will announce various series, movies, and anime to feature on the platform in the upcoming months. This event is set to make announcements for every other region. Be it American, Indian, Spanish, or any other, all these shows will be a part of the global fest. One can stream the Netflix TUDUM global fanfest on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. The event was scheduled to go live at 12 pm EST.

Korea Spotlight Netflix
The Hosts of Netflix Tudum Korea Spotlight

Other than YouTube, this event is available to live stream on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. In the meantime, The Korea Spotlight event live-streamed on Netflix Asia’s official YouTube channel and The Swoon. It was scheduled for 8 AM ET. Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight was hosted by two amazing personalities in the Korean industry. They were none other than Kim Hee-Chul and the EXO star Kai. They were enough to swoon our hearts. The duo hosted the 32 minutes long event with enthusiasm. The pre-event was a contactless global event for lovers of Korean Dramas. Let us take a look at all the shows announced at the Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight event.

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Korean Shows Announced In The Event

The event started off with the two amazing hosts appreciating Netflix’s efforts in making K-Drama popular in various parts of the world. Moreover, they discussed the scope of this streaming site in the country and how much it has grown over the years. Kim Hee-Chul and Kai also greeted the global fans in various languages. It was an interesting start to this pre-event. Hence, after a short introduction of the event, the mesmerizing chime “TUDUM” was presented to the fans. Finally, the fans got the chance of previewing all the upcoming releases.

Paik’s Spirit: October Release

The latest show “Paik’s Spirit” is scheduled to air on Netflix on 1st October 2021. With this show, viewers all over the world will have a sense of watch Korean food looks like. Most importantly, what it tastes like. The variety show will feature Korea’s Culinary Researcher Baek Jong Won. The main host of the SBS’s cooking television series Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef King has been a reason behind K-food’s immense popularity. Through this show, we can expect to know more about the country’s alcohol and cuisine.

Netflix Korea Release
Releasing on 1st October 2021

Many celebrity guests will be a part of this show. Along with the chef, these guests will have a memorable experience. This experience is what the fans are waiting for. On the other hand, some of the anticipated guests are Kim Hee Ae, Na Young Seok, Kim Yeon Koung, and Loco, among others.

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My Name: October Release

One of the most anticipated announcements of this event was this drama. My Name is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling shows the fans will ever watch. It stars Han So-hee as the main lead. The Nevertheless fame star has always portrayed sweet and simple characters. However, with this show, Han So-hee is set to break stereotypes. The show revolves around a woman who decides to find the real cause of her father’s death. In order to do so, she joins a gang.

Later, she goes undercover as a cop to find the culprit. My Name’s official teaser was released five days ago on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. However, fans were anticipating something new from this event. A new clip from the drama was premiered at this event. The breath-taking fighting sequence featuring Han So-hee was commendable. This clip release has brought a storm on the internet. My Name will release on October 15, 2021.

Hellbound: November Release

Hellbound is another K-drama set to break the stereotypes. However, this time it will break the stereotypes of the K-drama genre. Instead of romantic dramas, Hellbound is a fantasy drama about angels. Interestingly, the definition of angels will change after this drama. Hellbound will depict the angles who will be monstrous. They will be appearing out of nowhere, to attack people and take them to hell. The scary drama is among the latest releases on Netflix. It is based on a webtoon by Yeon Sang-ho. Hellbound will release on November 19, 2021.

The series had its world premiere on September 9, 2021. It was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. This is not it. Hellbound is also been selected for a special screening at the Busan International Film Festival. Hence, the next month with one more screening added to its list, Hellbound will prove its worth in the international market. The fans will be able to experience the thrill and fear from the homes, soon enough.

New World: November Release

Well, Netflix has every genre for us. New Wold is evident of this thing. The latest series will air on November 20, 2021. The variety show will star Kim Hee-Chul and Kai. Yes, you got that right. Our hosts are a part of this series alongside other celebrities. These are Park Na-Rae, Cho Bo-Ah, Lee Seung-Gi, and Eun Ji-Won. These six celebrities will be living in a new, virtual world for six days. Enjoying together, they will compete and fight. It will be chaos. However, these kinds of chaos are what we all love as viewers. Eventually, these six celebrities will find out that it is an individual battlefield. Just as the hosts told us, New World will be more than a utopia. It will be filled with missions and targets to achieve, making it a distinct show.

The Hungry And The Hairy: December Release

The Hungry and The Hairy is an upcoming show starring Rain and Ro Hong-Chul. Both the celebrities will be seen exploring their passion for riding a motorbike. Throughout the series, they will go on their dream journey with a motorbike. Exploring different places and cuisines will be their motive. Moreover, relaxing in their own way will be an exciting watch. On the other hand, famous television series director Kim Tae-ho is set to produce “The Hungry And The Hairy”. Hence, making it his Netflix debut. The feel-good show will air in December 2021.

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight
Releasing in December 2021

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The Silent Sea: December Release

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021 event announced another sci-fiction series named The Silent Sea. It stars Gong Yoo, Bae Doona and Lee Joon. The series is set to have eight episodes. The Silent Sea falls under the category of mystery, thriller, and sci-fiction. Each of these genres is impactful. Hence, we can assess the amount of anticipation the fans are having about this new series. This will also be released in December 2021.

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021
Releasing in December 2021

The series is adapted from a short film titled ” The Sea of Tranquility”. The film was released in the year 2014.  It is a story where the future Earth will be undergone desertification. A special team will be there to perform special tasks amidst the crisis. Moreover, this team will be sent to the moon for securing a special sample. Fans can hope this series to be one of the best sci-fiction series made in Korea.

Single’s Inferno: December Release

Single’s Inferno is set to release in December 2021. The show can be related to Bachelor in Paradise. In this upcoming variety show, single men and women will be sent to a deserted island to search for love. Amidst various challenges and rivalries, those who will find their perfect ones will be the survivors. Meanwhile, these couples will be given the liberty to leave the island and explore their lives together. Hong Jin-kyung,Lee Da-hee, and KYUHYUN are the major cast of the series. On the other hand, the creators of this show are Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-Hyun.

Korean Shows Upcoming
December 2021

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Juvenile Justice: 2022 Release

The amazing genre of crime will be back in January 2022. With Juvenile Justice releasing in the first month of 2022, people will once again explore the cruelties of the world. This crime drama is expected to give us a fresh start in the next year. Kim Min Sook is the writer of this series. Moreover, it is being directed by Jong Jong Chan. One of the prominent faces of the Korean industry Kim Hye Soo is set to play a major role in Juvenile Justice. The story will revolve around a newly appointed judge in the Juvenile court. Due to her dark past, her actions will somehow affect her decisions. It will be interesting to watch this crime thriller.

Korean Shows Upcoming
Releasing in January 2022

All Of Us Are Dead: 2022 Release

With every genre in line, how can we forget the world-famous zombies? Well, All Of Us Are Dead is an upcoming drama that will feature zombies. This drama is based on a webtoon titled “Now at Our School”. Initially, the show was scheduled for 2021. However, it will now release in January 2022. A simple yet thrilling story will cover a group of students who will be stuck in their school during a zombie outbreak. More like an apocalypse, it will be thrilling to watch these students fighting for their survival against the dead man walking.

Upcoming Korean Shows
January 2022

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Love And Leashes: 2022 Release

Love And Leashes will be out on the OTT platform in February 2022. With this, our quest for a romantic drama comes to an end. After a long wait, finally, in the second month of the new year, fans will be able to experience love again. It is based on a popular webtoon “Moral Sense”. Although only a still of this drama was shown in the Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight event, the fans have been expecting a lot from this show.

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight
Releasing in February 2022

Song Kang and Jung Hae-in: Special Feature and Highlights in Netflix TUDUM Korea Event

After the shows were announced in the massive event, Netflix had planned something else for its fans. One of the most famous young stars in the Korean television industry, Song Kang was featured in the event. The Nevertheless star, Song Kang went on a virtual date with the viewers to the Netflix’s office. It was a fun time for the lovers of K-dramas. Later, the actor was seen playing various games for entertaining the viewers. His charms and good looks have always been a topic of discussion. Even the hosts were mesmerized by his beauty. Song Kang told his fans that he often watches “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” to relieve his stress.

Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight
Song Kang and Jung Hae-in at Netflix Tudum Korea Spotlight Event

Hence, the fans are excited for Song Kang’s another collaboration with Netflix. Well, the actor was not behind in giving some hints. On the other hand, the “DP” fame actor Jung Hae-in shared a vlog for his fans across the globe. From the sets of Dp’s promotional shoot, Jung Hae-in was seen talking about his experience with Netflix and what does this platform mean to him. Moreover, he shared his interest in working with the streaming platform in the future. Overall, the Netflix TUDUM Korea Spotlight 2021 event was a hit. It gave us an essence of what Netflix has planned for its viewers. For further updates, stay tuned to Otakukart!

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