Netflix Reveals 3 Anime Projects

Netflix is slowly making its way into the anime industry. No one would really complain if there are more anime coming out. It’s always great to get more anime. Recently Netflix announced that it would five new animation titles which include three by Japanese studios. The announcement was made during their Singapore event.

Netflix Anime

One of these series is Cagaster of an Insect Cage. The show is an adaptation of Kachō Hashimoto’s Mushikago no Cagaster manga. The series is being directed by Koichi Chigira (Tokyo Babylon, Full Metal Panic!, Last Exile) at GONZO. Here is how the series is described as—

“Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious disease “Cagaster” turns people into giant murderous insects, this manga-based series follows the struggle of a young couple to stay alive.”

netflix anime

The manga ran on Hashimoto’s website from 2005 all way to 2013. Toluma Shoten published seven volumes of the manga from January to June 2016.

The second series is from a Japanese Studio, and it is titled as Yasuke, and the story is described as follows—

“In a war-torn feudal Japan of mechs and magic, a retired ronin must take up his sword when he is charged with the task of transporting a mysterious child who dark forces want to eliminate.”

The main protagonist is based on the historical figure Yasuke. Yasuke was a samurai of African origin, and he served under Oda Nobunaga during Japan’s Warring States period. LeSean Thomas (Children of Ether, Cannon Busters, The Boondocks) is credited as the creator, and he will be serving as the director and executive producer for Yasuke. The music is being composed by Flying Lotus. Yasuke will be voiced by Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Sorry to Bother You). MAPPA (Yuri!!! on Ice, Kakegurui) is producing the animation.

The third series is an  Altered Carbon “feature” that is based on Netflix’s live-action science-fiction series of the same name. The series will be working on the new elements of the story mythology. Dai Sato (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eureka Seven, Cowboy Bebop, Ergo Proxy) and Tsukasa Kondo are credited as writers for the project. Anima is producing the animation.

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