Netflix: Movies and TV Shows to Watch – August 2018 Edition!

It’s already August end, and we know we all have been under a lot of pressure from our work. So, to cool off that pressure we serve you with some fresh Netflix Movies and TV Shows recommendations. So, Just Netflix and Chill!

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows to Watch – 2018 Edition!

To start off with some classics, Batman Begins has finally come to Netflix! Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman was a big hit. It totally changed the Batman and had a darker storyline. Also, an animated series called Disenchantment which is Netflix exclusive is also coming out. Matt Groening, the creator of the famous animated show The Simpsons and Futurama is also the creator of this series.

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows to Watch – 2018 Edition!

Moving on, we have Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring finally added to the streaming service. The movie is an adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s novel. It’s a must watch as it was marvelous and successful. Hopefully, the other two movies will also follow. Also, Stripes, a Bill Murray movie about the military is also coming in August. It is a classic ‘80’s comedy and is also a must watch.

For the shows, we have the second season of Ozarks coming out on the streaming service this month. The first season was a big success and is one of the best Netflix Originals. The Good Place season 2 is also added. The show explores the idea of Afterlife and is also a must watch.

This month the streaming service will be getting Million Dollar Baby and No Country for Old Men, both movies grabbed the Oscar Awards and will be available for streaming on Netflix this month.

So, that’s our list of all the recommended watching options for you. So, what’s the wait? Grab some popcorn and drinks and “Netflix and Chill.”

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