Netflix Australia: Bodyguard Release Date, Episodes, Cast

The news Netflix Australia subscribers have all been waiting for. Bodyguard is finally coming to the online streaming giant’s Australia library. Mark your calendars for October 24, 2018 mates, for the Bodyguard is coming.

The show is so thrilling that it hooks you the moment you turn it on. It has gripped the entire UK and received rave reviews. It saw ratings climb week after week. That thing does not happen that often. And on top of that, the finale was watched by more than 10 million people.

The season has only six episodes which can be easily binge-watched.

The show stars Richard Madden, the King in the North from Game of Thrones. And Keeley Hawes is known for her role in Spooks. Madden portrays David Budd, a bodyguard assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague whose controversial political life has made her a prime target for terrorists. And if being the Bodyguard was not enough, he has PTSD too which gives further depth to his character.

What will be the real challenge though would be to avoid any spoilers? It is as if you can run you can hide, but you cannot escape the spoilers. They are everywhere these days, which resonates with the shows massive popularity. But rest assured, this post contains no spoilers. Even the former Home Secretary Amber Rudd could not help admitting being floored by the show.

The show keeps the audience on the edge of the seats, and its fast yet unpredictable plot has made everyone go gaga over this new show.

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