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NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 Release Date: A Cross-over Event With NCIS Hawai’i

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17

It looks like the team will have to investigate an important suicide case on NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 that will have connections to Palmer and Knight. Meanwhile, the previous Episode gave us a look at a gender reveal party of a petty officer going sideways when pieces of human flesh started falling from the sky. However, it was quite tricky to figure out since this was not something that happens often.

On the other hand, the case took an interesting turn when the flesh matched to a missing woman whose case became famous on a true-crime podcast a few months back. Moreover, it was the podcast that was a favorite for Agent Knight, which made her even more involved in the case. While things got serious when the husband of the missing woman tried to commit suicide after finding out that her missing wife was dead.

The thrilling American crime drama is responsible for kicking off the hit television franchise NCIS has been on the air for a long period of time now. It is due to the success that the show is now in its Season 19 and has got the fans excited to watch NCIS Season 19 Episode 17. However, let us check out the events of the previous Episode first.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17

A still from NCIS Season 19 Episode 16

NCIS S19E16 Recap

Episode 16 of NCIS Season 19 came out on 21st March 2022 and was titled “The Wake“. The Episode saw the team arrive at a Petty Officer’s gender reveal party, which was ruined when pieces of human body flesh started falling from the sky. Eventually, they recovered a finger there, and Kasie identified the person as Emma Radner. She had gone missing five months ago, and her case became popular on a true-crime podcast.

Moreover, her husband, Sam Radner, looked guilty in the investigation, but since Emma wasn’t found, he was never arrested. Now that some pieces of her body were identified, it was clear that she was dead, and Knight went with McGee to arrest Sam. In the meantime, they met Emma’s sister Molly and Emma’s family friends Walt and Nance Freeman at Molly’s house before Knight went into Sam’s house to arrest him. However, to her surprise, he was holding a gun to his head, ready to commit suicide after learning his wife was dead.

Knight convinced Sam to calm down and talk to her about all the good things he remembered about Emma. He did talk quite a bit about the things he loved about her but eventually pulled the trigger on himself. But Knight managed to save him, and the bullet only scratched his head from the outside. On the other side, Parker and Nick found Emma’s body in the woods after Kasie discovered that the flesh was chewed by vultures, and they like to stay close to their food.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17

Sam Radner in the interrogation room

As Parker and Nick interrogated Sam, Kasie and Knight learned that Emma was alive after Sam had gone to Florida because she got the flowers from him and put one in her hair just like she always used to. This made clear that Sam didn’t kill her. So they looked at the old evidence, which confirmed that there was no forced entry into Emma’s house during her murder. So it had to be someone who had access to the house. Sam told them that except for Molly, Walt had access to their house as he used to take care of the house whenever they went on vacation and also that Emma and Walt were close.

After digging into Walt’s past, NCIS found that he had passed inappropriate comments to his other teaching assistants at his college, and Emma was also one of his teaching assistants, as Sam told them. So probably Walt got obsessed with Emma. But in a surprise turn, the fingerprint from the inside of the flower vase proved it was Walt’s wife Nance. It turns out, she thought Walt and Emma were having an affair, and while trying to confront Emma, she accidentally pushed her, and she died. Eventually, Nance was arrested, and Molly apologized to Sam for believing he was the culprit.

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NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 Release Date & Spoilers

NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 will release on 28th March 2022 at 9 pm ET on CBS. Furthermore, the Episode will be titled “Starting Over”. The Episode will see the case of a retired Navy Officer’s suicide, while Nick will join Jane in Hawaii for a joint case.

Watch NCIS Season 19 Episode 17 Online – Streaming Details

NCIS Season 19 airs on CBS at 9 pm ET every Monday in the United States. Furthermore, the show is also available to stream on Paramount+, Youtube TV, and Amazon Prime Video. The show is available to watch on Global TV every Monday at 9 pm ET in Canada too.

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