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Spoilers & Preview: Navillera Episode 9

Navillera episode 9

We recently discussed episode 8 of the new Kdrama Navillera. And boy, it had some drama. The fans of the show can’t deny that the drama always takes them on an emotional ride. And Navillera episode 9 will be continuing the ride. So, get ready with your tissues. Kdramas introduces us to beautiful storylines. However, Navillera is different- beautiful but, different. The show represents a story of hope, a hope to achieve your dreams, and how humans can support each other regardless of age and gender.

Navillera is a South Korean drama that premiered worldwide in March 2021. It is a tvN original, however, the streaming giant also distributes the series. This means that it is easily accessible to the audience living outside the South Korean region. Until now, it has received an immense amount of love from the fans. Navillera has created quite a fan following. Moreover, Song Kang’s fans are also following the show ever since its release.

Navillera episode 9

Song Kang in Navillera (2021)

Song Kang (Love Alarm season 1 & 2, Sweet Home) plays the role of Lee Chae Rok. He is joined by the veteran and brilliant actor Park In Hwan (Revolutionary Sisters, Mad Dog) who plays Shim Deok Chul. Na Moon Hee (Just Between Lovers, Witch’s Castle) plays Choi Hae Nam, and Hong Seung-hee (I Wanna Hear Your Song, Kiss scene in Yennamdong) portrays the role of Shim Eun-ho.

Kim Tae Hoon, Shin Eun Jung, Jung Hae Kyun, Kim Soo Jin, Yoon Ji Hye, and Kim Hyun Mok also appear on the show in supporting roles.

Now, let’s find out more about the next chapter.

Navillera Episode 9 Release Date

Navillera episode 9 is coming out on April 19, 2021. It usually releases at 3:00 pm GMT, but sometimes the schedule can vary. It will come out both on tvN and Netflix. While the locals enjoy it on the tvN network, people across the globe can stream it on Netflix. All you need is a subscription.

Navillera episode 8 made us cry as we see Deok Chul (Park In Hwan) struggling and also getting caught by Ho-Beom’s friends. Even though Deok Chul is a positive person, his Alzheimers is causing trouble to both him and Chae Rok (Song Kang). Moreover, Deok Chul’s granddaughter,  Eun Ho (Hong Seung Hee) is now suspicious about her grandfather.

Cleary, expect more pool of tears. Episode 9 will continue the drama it left behind in episode 8. We can expect Chae Rok to tell Eun-Ho about Deok Chul’s disease. Well, the pair is getting closer to each other, and Chae Rok is already worried about his health. Also, we will see Deok Chul fighting with the disease, as he struggles to carry on with his monotonous life.

In the preview, we saw Deok Chul happily enjoying a ballet. Finally, something good? No. Later we see Chae Rok telling him to stop doing ballet. Moreover, will Chae Rok tell Deok Chul that he knows about his illness? And what will happen once Deok Chul’s family finds out about his Alzheimers. Will they pressure him to quit the ballet?

Everything will be revealed in the next episode. So, make sure you check it out once it releases. Watch the rest of the episodes here. 

Navillera Plot

The show tells the story of Shim Deok-Chul who is a 70-something retired old man. And at this age, he is pursuing to learn ballet, which is his life-long dream. However, his family does not support him. At the Ballet class, he meets Chae Rok, a 23-year-old who wants to try ballet after getting dejected by various sports. The two meet and bond and get close to each other. Deok Chul’s passion changes Chae Rok’s mind, and he starts living and learning more passionately.

Navillera episode 9

Navillera- Webtoon and Tv series character comparison.

Navillera is adapted from a webtoon of the same name. It is written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min. Han Dong-Hwa ( 38 Task Force, Miss Lee, and Bad Guys: City of Evil) directs the show. Whereas, Lee Eun Mi ( Tunnel) writes the story of the show.

Also, watch Song Kang’s hit series, Love Alarm season 1 and 2, here on Netflix.

Until then, stay tuned, and keep reading for more updates!

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