Preview & Recap: Navillera Episode 3


Navillera is an ongoing South Korean drama starring Park In-Hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee, and Hong Seung Hee in lead roles. Navillera symbolizes a butterfly, a free spirit. The passion and willingness to do something don’t have an age limit, it can be started or resumed anytime at any age. The drama premiered on 22nd March 2021 and has a total of 12 episodes. The story revolves around the two main leads Lee Chae Rok and Shim Deok Chul, who aspire to become ballerinos. How the story unfolds, how a 70-year-old brings back his dream alive on floors is something to look forwards to. Navillera’s first episode has already aired and is getting a huge response from the viewers. Amidst the world full of monotony this drama has something new and pure to offer. So, if you are a true K-drama fan this should definitely be on your list.

The main lead of Navillera Song Kang

Navillera Episode 2 Recap

Till now 2 episode of the drama Navillera has been released so far. It is a heartwarming story between an old and a young. In episode 1 we already saw Sim Deok-Chul bidding farewell to one of his friends in a funeral gathering. He gets upset about the fact that people are getting used to it that it’s okay to say goodbye now since they are getting old. It’s normal to die after a certain age, but should this be the case or that one should live up to the fullest until the last day and regret the passing away of somebody in the same manner regardless of their age.

While returning from the funeral Shim Deok Chul sees a ballet that reminds him of his old desire and passion that he once had. Suddenly when he sees  Lee Chae-rok practicing ballet he admires him. Since  Lee Chae-Rok struggles hard in his ballet performance, Shim Deok Chul comes in with a helping hand and offers to teach him. In the second episode, we see Lee Chae-Rok directly tells Shim Deok Chul to stop making things hard for everyone. While the adamant Shim Deok Chulgoes out to buy the ballet accessories for himself after making a firm determination to pursue whatever he wishes. After seeing a few attempts Lee Chae-Rok puts forward a condition about a dance form that if Shim Deok Chul masters it within a week he’ll let him do ballet again and will eventually teach him. Shim Deok Chul struggles hard while mastering the ballet form and smashes the mirror on his face by mistake. He is ultimately ready for the test, will he be able to that, and what happens next will be revealed in the next episode.

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A still for the drama Navillera

As for the cast Park In-Hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee, and Hong Seung Hee have been cast in lead roles for the drama. With the direction under Han Dong Hwa, and the screenwriting under Lee Eun Mi. Several other actors and actresses have been also been cast in support roles and guest roles. The drama was adapted from a book written by Hun.

Navillera Episode 3 Release Date

The upcoming Navillera Episode 3 will be released on Netflix on 29 March 2021. The drama has a total of 12 episodes and airs every Monday & Tuesday at 21:00 KST. The duration of each episode is approximately 1hr5min and deals with the genres of friendship. life, drama, and family. The drama will go off air on 27th April 2021. It also popularly known as Like a butterfly and Nabillera.

Where to Watch Navillera

Navillera is currently streaming on the original network tvN and also streams on the global network Netflix along with subtitles. The drama will have a total of 12 episodes and will air every Monday and Tuesday. It has been adapted from the webtoon “Navillera” written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min.

Navillera Trailer Breakdown

The official trailer of the drama was released on 5th March 2021. The drama is clearly about a ballet prodigy, A 70-year-old retired man, who chooses to chase his dreams by not looking at the barriers in life. In the trailer, we an old man regretting his past decisions, he acclaims he has never once done anything in his life of what he actually wanted to do. We see cuttings of several newspapers and articles piled up in his hand which he throws away in the dustbin. He wants to correct it all and start a new journey and face new challenges at the age of 70. We next see the appearance of Song Kang in the trailer, he seems a little irritated and angry, he is confused and doesn’t know what to do next. He sits down on the floor tired, exhausted, and confused. Song Kang is a boy of 23 years old and his journey has of course just started. Started wandering at the age of 23 how things will unveil for him, we’ll get to see in the drama. Song Kang playing the role of Lee Chae Rok is being advised by his grandfather that they just live once, and that’s why every moment of life is so precious. He encounters a lost dream and wants to become a Ballet. That trailer ends on the note when Lee Chae Rok asks his grandfather as to why does he want to become a ballet.

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