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Spoilers & Preview: Navillera Episode 12

What is the release date of Navillera Episode 12?
Official teaser poster for Navillera with Shim Deok-chul and Lee Chae-rok (Credit: tvN)

Song Kang’s most recent drama, Navillera, is not like the usual Korean Dramas. It depicts the love for ballet dancing between two people of different age. Unlike any other series, it portrays the struggles and problems and bonding between two persons. The drama teaches how one should go for the thing they love. There will be problems for everyone on the way. However, what matters is not giving up without even not trying. Navillera features Song Kang and Park In Hwan in the leading role. One is a retired mailman of 70-year-old, and the other is a dancer of 23-year-old. 

In the drama, Song Kang appears in a different role as a disheartened but talented ballet dancer. He appeared in three Korean Dramas since the beginning of the year. In Sweet Home, he is a shy student fighting off monsters. In the Love Alarm second season as a disheartened lover. Now, in Navillera as a dancer. The challenges of life have been portrayed accurately in the show. Navillera is adapted from the Dayum webtoon’s version of the same name. The webtoon ran from 2016 to 2017. Now, it got a television series version upon its release on March 22, 2021. Navillera’s upcoming episode is the last and final of the series. Let’s take a look at the details of the final episode along with the previous episode recap. 

Navillera Episode 11: Recap

Navillera Episode 11 starts with Deok-Chool returning home and thinking to tell Hae Nam about his situation. Hae Nam brings a past day and changes the talk, just when Deok-Chool begins to say about his condition. Hae-Nam begins to talk about the retirement of Deok-Chool. Furthermore, she asks him to pursue his dream and stay strong no matter the situation. The rest of the family also came to know about the Alzheimer of Deok Chol. They began discussing what to do for Deok-Chool. However, they see fit to asks Hae Nam and Deok-Chool what will be the best. 

Navillera Episode 12 release date

A scene from Navillera wherein Shim Deok-Chul
is doing ballet dancing (Credit: tvN)

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Shim Eun-ho is against everyone deciding for grandfather and thinks it would be best for himself to decide. Lee Chae-rok and Shim Eun-ho meet each other, later on. Chae-Rok apologises for not saying about the condition of her grandfather soon. However, she also apologises as Chae-Rok had suffered and also looked after him all this time. She also thanked him. But, the main eye-catching thing is the tenacity of Deok-Chul in pursuing his dream despite his bad condition. Deok-Chul and Chae-Rok have a sweet bonding and moment between them. Chae-Rok takes a promise from Deok-Chul and asked to Deok-Chul to message him regarding his location after every twenty minutes. 

Moreover, Chae-Rok also makes a promise to recognise Deok-Chul no matter where he is or even if he does not knows Chae-Rok. Deok-Chul continues with his training while Seong-gwan with his documentary. Chae-Rok also praises Deok-Chul for his ballet dance, saying he is transforming into a good ballerina. A financial setback is still troubling Seong-san in his work. Deok-Chul came to know about Seong-San in a paper. Seong-gwan and Chae-Rok began worrying after Deok-Chul does not reach the studio for his auditions. Deok-Chul manages to reach in time for his auditions even after going to meet his son. He also managed to impressed the judges and became an upcoming gala’s part.

Navillera Episode 12: Release Date and Preview

Navillera Episode 12 release date is April 27, 2021, at 21:00 KST on tvN. The series is also available on Netflix for streaming. The upcoming episode will have some bittersweet moments. It is the last and final episode of the series. So, it will end on a good note, although there will be some sad moments. We saw in the finale of the last episode how Deok-Chul forgets everything and about his wife on the day of the gala. Episode 12 will feature if he remembers everything and goes in time for the gala or forgets everything. Chae-Rok takes him to the practice room for making him remember. He also takes effort so that Deok-Chul does not get lost anywhere. However, it seems that Deok-Chul will forget everything right before going to the state. But, Chae-Rok will dance with him and tries everything for making his memory return. 

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