NateHill Releases Statement Against The Cheating Accusations In Fortnite Tournament

The current tournament of Fortnite Battle Royale, Fall Skirmish is on full pace, and while the tournament is getting hot, there have been few problems regarding ill attempts to gain an advantage already. The accused member is from the Faze Clan, a renowned clan in the gaming industry. The accused duos were NateHill and Funkbomb.

Fortnite Tournament: NateHill Response:

Fortnite Fall Skirmish

It was reported that Funkbomb was eliminated early but, he then accessed the official stream to provide useful tips to his partner who was still in the tournament. Many viewers caught their little secret and a video proving the accusation was later uploaded online. At one point in the video, he himself admitted that it was cheating. The duo deleted all the videos to get rid of the evidence but, few other players uploaded them online.

However, to shed light on the matter, NateHill posted on Reddit about the incident. He wrote, “We both realize the impact this could have had on the integrity of the competition & were fortunate not to have it do so. Funk made a mistake; he owns up to it, but those calling for him to be perma-banned and calling him a scumbag could not be more misinformed. It was a mistake made by an otherwise great guy/player. He felt bad before anyone caught him cheating and reported to Epic. That is not the trait of a scumbag, that is someone being honest forthcoming & owning up to their mistakes.”

He then tells that his partner, Funk realized the gravity of the mistake that he did, and he truly understands that it was highly unethical and he urges others to not hate on Funk because of that as it was truly out of Funkbomb’s character. The duo apologized to others players and the community as well. He then ended by saying, “I am not a cheater, and I’ve given my life to this game and the community around it.”

Epic Game’s response hasn’t come yet but, players do want to know how they are going to handle this issue.

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