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Nate Diaz Net Worth In 2021 & Look Into His Career

Nate Diaz Net Worth

The mixed martial artist Nate Diaz was called easy money by Gilbert Burns. What is Nate Diaz’s net worth? And why he was called easy money by his opponent. Currently, Nate is in tenure with Ultimate Fighting Club. He also wore the crown of the Ultimate Fighter 5. Nate has many rivals, and he has been in a cold war with most of them as Gilbert Burns said that fighting with Nate is easy money. Indirectly Burns was saying that he can easily defeat Nate. Now let’s wait for their fight and see if Gilbert will take the golden hen home or be in debt to all the glitters he calls gold. Nate has been fighting since 2006, and still, in 2021, the ring awaits him.

He has been seeking training in martial arts since he was 11 years old. So we can say a child who dreamt of being a professional fighter is living his dream. Nate’s brother is also an MMA fighter. Both the brother were trained to be professional fighters since they were kids. Both of them have knocked of each other several times. He also has a special feature on the Sherdog, and he also received an award in 2011 in the All Violence First Team category. The Ultimate Fighter 5 was the main breakthrough for his career. Nate was a participant on The Ultimate Fighter 5, which featured lightweights fighting on Jens Pulver’s team. Diaz defeated Rob Emerson by obedience.

In the quarterfinals, he defeated his fellow teammate Corey Hill in the triangle choke submission in the first round. In the semifinals, Nate defeated Gray Maynard, who was a Team Penn member.

The Winner Of Ultimate Fighter 5 The One And Only Nate Diaz

He marked his victory by submission, progressing to the finals, in which he allowed teammate Manvel Gamburyan. Nate marked his victory by submission after Gamburyan was compelled to tap out in the second round due to the displacement of his right shoulder as the result of trying a takedown. And after Gamburyan quit the fight. Nate Diaz crowned himself as the victorious King of the Ultimate Fighter 5. However, Nate was risked his career very often over a drug that people call cannabis.

Nate and his brother openly use cannabis and have ended up in trouble once. In 2016 he was seen vaping cannabis just before his fight, which was against the protocol. For which he was banned from fighting for two years. Both the Diaz brothers are licensed to seek cannabis rolls from California. He has confirmed that half of his income is invested in cannabis. He also supports legalizing cannabis constitutionally.

Nate Diaz returned to the competition on August 17 at UFC241. He battled against Pettis in a welterweight fight which assisted as the co-main event. With a powerful performance, he won the fight by public decision. Mate battled Jorge Masvidal on November 2, 2019, in the main event of UFC 244. Masvidal won the fight by cracking a technical knockout. In the middle of the fight, the doctor asked the fighters to stop the fight as there was a cut visible over Nate’s right eye, which was caused by the cage, and it could cost him his eyesight. So the doctor asked the fighters to call it off.

Nate Diaz In 2021

In May 2021, Nate battled against Leon Edwards. But the fight was delayed because Nate had some injuries. But the fight did happen, and it was a cutthroat competition between the fighters. Edwards dominated the fight for all the rounds, but in the 5th round, he was very tired, and Nate took full advantage of the situation. Nate drained his veins by punching him hard.

But Edwards still managed to win the fight. And he might be facing Conor McGregor as Conor stated that Nate and his third fight must happen. And it happened on 29th June 2021.

Nate Diaz Net Worth

Nate Diaz’s net worth is 8 million dollars. He earns his bacon mostly by endorsements. He signed a contract worth 2 million dollars with Rebook. Nate also received a cheque of 16 thousand dollars when he won the Ultimate Fighter 5. After he crowned himself as a winner, he signed a contract with UFC, which is worth 2 million dollars. He is also planning on getting a license from a dispensary where he can sell cannabis.

Nate and his brother Nick also own a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School named Nick Diaz Academy. Nate is also the founder of a nutrition company, CBD company Game Up. The company is worth 4 million dollars. However, Nate’s contract was renewed with UFC after he was banned for two years. And it is expected that he might be getting paid less because of his misbehaviour.

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