7 – BAKI
Baki Is a jonin of Sunagakure and a member of it’s advisory council. Despite this, he can’t be considered as a strong ninja. But, during the series, we have seen a particular ability coming from him. He’s able to create countless wind blades and to throw them at his enemies. For sure he isn’t one of the strongest jonin of the Naruto series, but he’s definitely a wind chakra master.

Asuma Sarutobi was a jonin member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja and the leader of Team 10. Among all of the jutsu he knew. We for sure remember his incredible ability to cover his weapons with his wind chakra, in order to make them even more lethal, capable of cutting everything, and everyone’s defense. In addition, we saw him using the “Wind Release: Dust Cloud” technique. He also helped Naruto a lot. While he was trying to understand, how he could use his wind chakra with the Rasengan.

In his battle against Naruto and Kakashi, we saw in particular two incredibly powerful techniques coming from Kakuzu: the “Wind Style: Pressure Damage”. In which he compresses a tornado-like mass until it has a very high density in order to release it then, and also the highly deadly “Wind Bullets” that are shoot by his monsters.

Temari usually fights wielding an iron fan, in which are inscribed 3 purple circles that she calls “Stars”. As she opens the fan to reveal each Star in sequence, the fan power increases greatly at once all 3 Stars are revealed. Temari can create slicing whirlwinds that she can guide with her chakra. Her wind allows her to attack from afar and alter the battlefield to her liking, as well as deflect or divert most ranged attacks. In addition, Temari is able to summon Kamatari, a one-eyed sickle-holding weasel which usually rides the wind and slashes through everything it touches. This jutsu is called “Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance”.

3 – FU
Although we don’t know a lot about her complete powers, Fuu, probably thanks to her bug-like Seven-Tails Beast, was able to use the “Wind Style: Takigakure Whirlwind”. A powerful taijutsu-based technique in which, after having gone midair. She came down with a whirlwind-like force flowing around her and using it to punch the target.

Apart from his “Wind Waves” and his “Wind Shuriken”. Danzo was a wind chakra user powerful enough to use a large variety of “Wind Style: Vacuum” jutsu. For example, the Bullets, the Blast, the Barrage, the Blade and Sphere. All of these techniques have been powerful enough to stop sometimes Sasuke’s Susano’o. Probably due to the fact that Danzo’s particular wind style isn’t simple “air”, it’s compressed air and that’s why his name is jutsu “vacuum”.

We all know that the Rasengan had been Minato’s invention and for example, Jiraya too was able to use this jutsu, but, on the other hand. Naruto has been able to do what no one has done before. He added a chakra element to the Rasengan. In fact, he created the Rasenshuriken by adding to a Rasengan his wind chakra and then he modified it in many ways. Such as by adding to it Kurama’s Tailed Beast Ball.


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