Everybody knows that Naruto is already an incredibly powerful and skilled ninja, but, as we know, in his world there are no limits to the power a ninja can gain, so he could possibly become even more powerful than now; why not?

During Naruto’s last battle against Sasuke after the 4th Great Shinobi War, they had a tremendous collision between Naruto’s Rasengan and Sasuke’s Chidori; because of the incredible power emitted by this clash, both of them lost an arm. In order to repair this damage, they went back to Konoha and had their arms repaired by Tsunade, who used Hashirama’s cells to create a prosthesis for Naruto’s right arm (as we know, Sasuke didn’t accept his left arm prosthesis).

Following this logic, an element to become even more powerful could be the ability to use Hashirama’s Wood Release, but why isn’t he able to use it?

Let’s try to understand it together!

Going back to an analysis of some past characters, for example, the Zetsu, who were made of Hashirama’s cells, were able to use some Wood Release jutsu, and also Obito, when he had his body covered by the Spiral Zetsu, was able to use the Wood Release; Madara too was able to use it when he implanted in his own chest Hashirama’s cells.

Furthermore, both Naruto and Hashirama descend from Ashura and we know that Hashirama married Mito Uzumaki, so that the Uzumaki Clan can potentially inherit the Wood Release; in addition, Naruto is said to be one of the strongest ninja ever, so there is probably a reason for which he hasn’t acquired it yet.

In my opinion, if Naruto gets the Wood Release, he becomes too overpowered and Kishimoto stated more than once that he wants the previous generation to be weaker than the new one, but it would be quite impossible to be stronger than Naruto with Wood Release abilities unlocked, since already now is really difficult to imagine someone stronger than him.

Another possibility is that Naruto is awakening the Wood Release partially, since we saw that, when Shin Uchiha hit him with Sasuke’s sword, Naruto extracted it quite easily and, in about 5 seconds, the wound healed by itself; it’s true that this could be Kurama’s regenerative ability, but it’s also possible that is an effect due to Hashirama’s cells abilities.


    • Of course, it’s possible that Naruto’s regeneration ability is due to Kurama’s powers, but if you notice Naruto has always regenerated only “suerficial” wounds, such as, for example, like you said in the fight against Haku, and also during the Chunin exams, when he thought that his wounds were healing thanks to the cream Hinata gave him. On the contrary, the wound caused by Sasuke’s sword was much more serious and dangerous than the previous ones, so that he can be helped both from Kurama’s powers and Hashirama’s cells, who knows

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