Hey guys. Akatsuki is the biggest criminal organization in the Naruto series. For the majority of the series, they were the main antagonists. The Akatsuki was formed by Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato, with the purpose of bringing peace to the world. However, Yahiko died and Nagato became the leader of the Akatsuki. Almost all of us were fooled into believing that Nagato was the one making all the decisions for the Akatsuki.

However, it wasn’t years later, that we knew that it was actually Obito who was running the show. Obito was ordered by Madara to revive him and give the command of Project Tsuki no Me to Obito. The Akatsuki was the home to some of the most notorious criminals in the world. But, very few people know that each Akatsuki member resembled a specific reason, because wars were arranged. So, let’s begin with the analysis.
First, we have, Pein and Konan, who represented Peace. In order to have peace, many wars were started. It’s one of the primary reasons behind the entire war raging.

Hidan represents Religion. Throughout the entire history, a countless number of wars were waged just for religious beliefs. Kakuzu represents money. Money is something that everyone desires. One works to earn money. If someone doesn’t have it, they resort to stealing and in the process a very huge number of lives are lost. Kakuzu, as we know, loved money and was only interested in getting more. Madara and Obito were the main leaders of the Akatsuki.

Both of them were manipulated by some other person into believing that Mugen Tsukuyomi was the only thing that could end the sorrow of this world. So, they forced their ideals onto the rest of the shinobi world.
Deidara and Sasori were proud of their art and would go to any lengths to prove that what kind of art is the best. Both of them wanted to leave a major mark. To be known in the world for creating diplomatic changes that last a long time.

Itachi represented the selflessness one feels when their country is in danger. As we all know that Itachi sacrificed the lives of his clan members and even his own life for the sake of the Hidden Leaf. Kisame Hoshigaki was known for his fierce nature. He represents the hypocritical countries. He was assigned to carry out a mission and the intel that he was carrying should never fall into enemy hands. But his leader was himself betraying the nation by leaking out intel. Finally, we have Zetsu. Zetsu who represents the protection of one’s own land and nature/territory.
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