‘Naruto’ Reveals Boruto’s New Unique Jutsu

Boruto Naruto Next Generations is in its Chūnin Exams arc, and more than half of arc seems to have been wrapped up already. This arc has been phenomenal really. It outdid the manga and the movie both, in terms of quality and pacing as well. The movie looked too rushed. We were introduced to a lot of characters who weren’t focused on properly due to time constraints, and I don’t know why Kishimoto’s original draft didn’t make it to the manga. What I do know is that anime is now the version that you should go by. Recently, we got to see Boruto Uzumaki face off against Shinki of Sunagakure. Shinki is Gaara’s son, and he’s one of the most powerful Genin that we’ve ever seen. This was evident from the fact that he defeated both Boruto Uzumaki, and Sarada Uchiha on his own, without breaking a sweat.

Boruto’s New Jutsu


However, what surprised me during that fight was Boruto Uzumaki’s improvisation. Just an episode ago, he was told that he couldn’t use the Chidori. This is a Jutsu that cannot be used without the Sharingan because, without the Sharingan, one can’t get past the Tunnel Effect. However, interestingly enough, Boruto Uzumaki was able to use his own variant of the Chidori, although slightly different. He gathered lightning chakra in his fist, like Chidori and then uses the Boruto Stream to make up for the lack in power of his lightning release. However, Shinki’s attack proved just too powerful. Boruto Uzumaki had to rely on his scientific ninja tool once again. Making use of Kakashi’s Purple Electricity, he was able to knock out Shinki easily.


He did get disqualified for cheating later on. But, according to the databooks for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, he does learn how to use this Jutsu later on. Boruto is progressing as a ninja, and a character now and I love the character development this arc is giving him. He is growing continuously, and that’s what all the fans want to see. Improvising like that with his lightning ninjutsu just tells us how much talent this kid possesses. I’m really excited to see how far Boruto Uzumaki can go. I hope he lives up to the expectations. What are your thoughts on Boruto Uzumaki so far? Leave your responses in the comments section below!

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