Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13: Can Nancy Protect Ace In The Season Finale?

Things are about to get seriously dangerous in Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13 when the Drew Crew go up against Temperance. While the previous episode was no less than horrific as the crew had to find a way to discover Temperance’s master plan, Nick found himself in a tough spot after he told Bess about the hex Temperance had put on the kids from his youth center. In addition to that, the hex became more life-threatening as soon as Bess and the others found out about it.

Whereas Nancy, Ace, and Park discovered two bone pieces called antlers that had engravings of some ancient language on them that meant something important. On the other hand, they were also looking for Lev, who had been captured by Temperance as he contained the third part of Charity’s soul. Although, their search took them to an upsetting end that they did not want. But the question is, did they save the kids from the hex on time?

The supernatural teen drama has managed to garner a lot of fans since its debut on 9 October 2019. Furthermore, the success has brought the series to a successful third season that premiered on 8 October 2021. However, the fans are now eager to watch Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13. But let us first take a look at what all went down previously.

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13
A still from Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 12

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 of Nancy Drew Season 3, titled “The Witch Tree Symbol, dropped on 21 January 2022. The episode kicked off from a flashback in the year 1971, where a witch in the disguise of an old woman vanished all the children of an orphanage after one of them took away a mystical bone from her. Coming to the present, the Drew Crew set out to find out what Temperance was planning to do, and George had the responsibility to keep Ryan and Carson occupied. While George was keeping her breakup with Nick a secret from her sisters, knowing that they would freak out. On the other hand, Bess figured out Nick was hiding that the kids were hexed, and now Nick had to tell her everything. But telling her about it triggered the hex, and the kids started to show symptoms.

Therefore, Bess started to find out all the different hexes to match it with the one on the kids and reverse it. Meanwhile, Nancy, Ace, and Park found two antlers, one of them at the same orphanage where the kids vanished in 1971. Furthermore, they took it to a woman who had the means to decode the writings on those antlers. But Temperance arrived there, stabbing the woman and taking away the antlers. However, Nancy, Ace, and Park found the woman just in time and sent her to the hospital. While Nancy somehow managed to make sense of the half-decoded writings. Moving on, Geoge finally told her sisters about her breakup that got them furious with her, but the oldest of those three supported George. At the youth center, Nick messed up when he chose the wrong hex and forced Bess to use the reversing spell for that hex.

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13
Bess and Nick

Moreover, it made conditions worse for the children. However, they discovered another solution for saving the kids, which was to transfer the hexes to Nancy. Moreover, Temperance wanted Nancy to stay alive, so she would have to protect her, and it worked. As soon as the hexes were transferred to Nancy, Temperance realized it and had no other choice but to remove it from Nancy. On the other hand, Ace and Park set out to find Lev but Park reached too late. Temperance put Lev in the woods for the Frozen Hearts Killer to find him and kill him as per her plan. Meanwhile, Bess discovered Temperance’s plan to wreak havoc in the town and destroy it. But the biggest shocker was Ace waking up to the dream of the battle and realizing he was the one with the last piece of Charity’s soul and Frozen Hearts Killer’s next target.

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Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13: Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13 will release on 28th January 2022 at 9 pm ET on The CW.” Additionally, the episode will be titled “The Ransom Of The Forsaken Soul”. The episode will see Nancy and her friends trying to save Ace from getting killed. Meanwhile, they will also have to find a way to stop Temperance before she destroys the town.

How To Watch Nancy Drew Season 3? Streaming Details

Nancy Drew Season 3 drops every Friday at 9 pm ET on The CW in the United States.” Moreover, the show is also available to stream on HBO Max. Additionally, the viewers can head to Amazon Prime Video to watch the show. Whereas, the show is available on Youtube TV as well. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew is available to stream on Voot in India.

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