Preview: Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 13: Will Nancy Betray Nick and The Drew Crew?

Nancy Drew sesaon 2 episode 13
The CW's Nancy Drew (2019)

Nancy Drew season 2, episode 13 is premiering soon. And the fans of the show currently have a lot of confusion. Nick is worrying regarding Nancy changing sides, and Gil is back on the show. There is a lot to expect from the new episodes. The supernatural drama is already a favorite of many, and we expect it to get a loyal fanbase after premiering the next episode. The characters and story are evolving, and finally, we will see some fun and betrayal. Hence, drama. The team of the show also released new promo pictures for Nancy Drew season 2, episode 13. It has provided a glimpse into the future story. And, just like the fans, we can’t be more excited. So, go ahead and we’ll make sure to share all the details with you.

Nancy Drew is an American supernatural mystery streaming television series. The show is based on the mystery novel of the same name by Edward Stratemeyer. It follows the adventures of the titular characters, and so does the show. Produced by CBS Studios and Fake Empire, the show is developed by Noga Landau, Josh Schwartz (The OC), and Stephanie Savage (Gossip Girl) for The CW.

Nancy Drew made its debut in 2019 and received mixed reviews. However, it still got renewed for season 2, which premiered in 2021. Moreover, the show is also going to have a third season. At the moment, the show is in the middle of telecasting season 2. So, let’s find out more about the upcoming episode.

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 13: What To Expect?

What’s in for Nancy and her crew in the next episode? With the happenings of the last episode, there is a lot to figure out. But, the most important is that whether Nancy could be trusted in the future or not.

Nick believes that Nancy is betraying the team and we believe that his concern is justified. In the last episode, we saw Nancy telling the DA Jean that she will withdraw her testimony. She is going to help Everett Hudson. Nick is furious with Nancy after knowing this. He also knows Everett is guilty of the crime. Nick even knows how Nancy’s initial testimony was true, and after seeing Nancy choosing Everett, Nick will surely get mad.

Nancy Drew sesaon 2 episode 13
A still from Nancy Drew (2019)

Nancy’s secret of being Ryan’s daughter is out as well. This means her life is in danger. So, how will things turn out now, especially when Nancy is going against the Drew Crew?

Season 2, Episode 13, “The Beacon of Moonstone Island” will also bring Gil back on the show. It seems like the new episode will be about ghosts, as the promo read, “ghosts can’t bleed.” And to help in the investigation, Gil will join the Drew team. We might also see Amanda and Ace joining the rest to help. Furthermore, we will also find Odette in George’s body, however, George is dying to get out. Maybe because something is going on between Odette and Bess? We don’t know, but we will find out soon.

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 13 Release Date

Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 13 will release on April 28 on The CW network. The show releases a new episode every week, and season 2 is slated to conclude on May 12. After the season concludes, we can expect new updates on the third season. But, before that let’s find out how season 2 will leave Nancy and her team.

Here’s how you can watch the upcoming episode:

Date: Wednesday, 28 April
Time: 9 pm Eastern
TV Channel: The CW
Live Stream: Link 1 | Link 2

The show follows the story of an 18-year-old girl, Nancy Drew, and her four college friends. Nancy’s college plans unexpectedly get on hold. And she later finds herself getting stuck into a mysterious and ghostly world after she and her friends become witnesses and suspects of murder. Nancy with her friends (Drew Crew) looks for evidence to find the real culprit.

Nancy Drew sesaon 2 episode 13
The cast of CW’s Nancy Drew.

The show stars Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Tunji Kasim, Alex Saxon, Alvina August, Riley Smith, and Scot Wolf in the lead roles. Praneet Akilla, Aadila Dosani, and Anja Savcic will guest stars in the upcoming season. They will play Gil, Ace, and Odette, respectively.

You can watch the new preview promo down below.

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