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Nailed It! Season 6: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Nailed It! Season 6 release date
Nailed It! Season 6 release date

If you’re looking for Nailed It! Season 6 release date, you came to the right place. Firstly, Nailed it! is Netflix’s messiest cooking show —by far. It is a baking competition that plays off contestants. In this case, amateur bakers try to reproduce a fancy-schmancy cake for a cash prize of ten thousand dollars. Sounds fun, right? Well, it looks fun. —Until you see what they come up with. Secondly, Nicole Byer, the lovely host, will take you through the mess with her comments and will greet us in every episode with her comedic persona.

Each episode plays off three amateur bakers in a competition where they must reproduce the most elaborate cake out there. The show takes inspiration from the internet trend where bakers do the same. Moreover, each episode lasts thirty-five minutes. So that means that for casual viewing, Nailed it! is one of those shows where you can watch the entire thing in one evening or just take it slow. Whatever suits your streaming preferences. Now jump with us as we take you through the basics of season six, which is about to drop on Netflix.

Nailed It! Season 6 Release Date

Nailed It! season 6 will release on September 15, 2021, on Netflix at 12:00 pm PT. Firstly, each season consists of six to eight episodes. Moreover, this season might have eight, and Nicole Byer will reprise her role once more as host, and pastry chef Jacques Torres will also co-host the show. Secondly, this season will incorporate a guest judge each episode in the evaluation of the performance of the messy cakes and cupcakes that these amateur bakers will try to make.

Each episode will consist of two challenges. In the first half, the challenge is “Baker’s Choice,” and the contestants have to pick from one of three confectionaries and try to recreate it. And in the second half of the episode, the challenge is “Nail it or Fail it,” where the stakes are even higher. They have to bake the most complicated cake out there. If they nail it, they go home with a nice US$ 10.000 check and a trophy for posterity. How cool is that!?

Nailed It! Season 6 release date

Nailed It! Season 6 release date

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Nailed It! will change a couple of things

While Nailed It! keeps its original idea —baking and having fun—, the show will try to mix things up a bit. Namely, changing the episode’s theme each time, bringing new contestants, and a new judge each episode.. In the first round, they get to choose one of three choices from a list of three. Given that this is just the first step, the competitors may be overconfident.

However, the second phase will only need a great deal of devotion and work to carefully carve out an explicit cake and submit it to the skilled judges in order to win the fortunate chef hat. It’s possible that they’ll nail it, or they’ll fail miserably. The show’s winner will get a ransom payment in exchange for their ability, commitment, and aptitude. Each episode will have a theme, and the participants will have to live up to it since there will be a lot of people looking up to them for inspiration, and some will be there to support them because they recognize true ability.

Nailed It! Season 6 release date

Nailed It! Season 6 release date

Where to Watch Nailed It! Season 6

Nailed It is a Netflix Original show. If you want to watch Netflix, you must get a Netflix subscription. The most basic Netflix package lets you watch all movies, series, and documentaries without any limits and goes for the US $8.99 a month. It allows one screen and will most likely fit your budget. But let’s say you have a significant other or have a family. No worries, Netflix has your back. The streaming platform offers you a wide variety of plans which will cover your needs of screens for simultaneous streams.

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So if you have children, and you don’t want them watching adult content, violent movies, or the likes, you can set up children’s profiles which filter out those sorts of contents and only let them watch the kind of stuff you allow. Of course, those options will cost you extra. How much? Well, the 4-screen plan goes for US$ 17.99 a month, allows for HD viewing, and will get you all those benefits. With that, we wrap up our coverage of Nailed It! here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article.

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