Nahmir And Sahlt Breakup: All About Their Love Life!

Nahmir And Sahlt

Here we will know the reasons and gossip about how the famous social media couple YBN Nahmir and Sahlt parted their ways. Stating about Alycia Tyre, aka Sahlt, is an American YouTuber. Furthermore, this social media personality has stocked millions of followers on her social media handles. YBN Nahmir, who was claimed to be dead, was dating Alycia Tyre, nicknamed Sahlt. The ex-boyfriend of Sahlt is a well-known American rapper best known for his debut hit Rubbin’ Off The Paint, which received over 3 million views in just three days. Nicholas Alexander Simmons is his real name. This 23-year-old rapper hails from the U.S.  Nahmir and Sahlt were madly in love for almost two years. Moreover, the fans loved their bond, and the proof of their love was all over Sahlt’s  Instagram.

She was first in a relationship with Yousef Erakat, alias FouseyTube, in 2016, which ended in the same year. They started dating in August 2018 and have been together since. The couple was frequently seen hanging together in public locations. Many photos of Sahlt can be found on his Instagram account. Perhaps, Nahmir isn’t the only guy the stunning actress has dated. Nicholas Simmons, YBN’s real name, is two years younger than Sahlt. She is a heartthrob among young boys due to her captivating appearance and engaging personality. Sahlt had a series of relationships throughout her life. She was first in a relationship with Yousef Erakat, alias FouseyTube, in 2016, which ended in the same year.

Nahmir And Sahlt
Nahmir with her Ex Sahlt

Nahmir And Sahlt Personal Life

According to the date of birth of Nahmir, he is currently 21 years old and will be celebrating his 22nd birthday in a few days. YBN Nahmir understands the importance of family. He also values his family because he was reared by his mother, cousins, and aunt. Although he dropped out of high school, he was attending after the success of “Rubbin Off the Paint.” Clay-Chalkville High School in Clay, Alabama, was where he was attending high school. It’s worth noting that his passion for music began when he was just 14 years old.

Stating about her ex-girlfriend Sahlt, she is a Youtube and Tiktok content maker and a social media figure. Similarly, @onlysahlt is her Tiktok account, which has over 206.2k followers. Likewise, she began her Youtube account on January 2, 2015, with over 577k subscribers. Again, as a vlogger, Alycia goes by the moniker Sahlt and refers to her fan base as the ‘Sahlt Squad.’ Furthermore, because her topic connected with the viewers, her video quickly became quite famous.

Similarly, her audience found her outlook on life and her way of life to be highly encouraging and motivating. She also uses Youtube to express her fashion and style opinions with her reviewers. Similarly, Sahlt began releasing multiple videos about beauty and makeup shortly after. Furthermore, as her viewers became more interested in her personal life and style, she began to incorporate topics such as anxiety, relationships, shopping hauls, and vacations into the discourse.

YBN Nahmir

Dating History & Current Relationship Status

Before their breakup, Sahlt dated another Instagram sensation, Klaus Bausch, and their relationship was well-known among her followers and fervently followed by her well-wishers. Following their breakup, she began dating American Youtuber Yousef Erakat, better known by his stage name FouseyTube. Similarly, despite building a favorable buzz and receiving consistent support from her admirers, this pair split ways. As of now, Sahlt is single, and her Twitter posts complimenting YBN indicate that she is yet to move on.

Sahlt And Nahmir: Income And Net Worth

At an early age, Sahlt recognized the potential of social media and began dedicating more time to it to share videos and skills with the target audience. “Too many phony persons, I’m fine with just my tiny group,” she tweeted in December 2013. Her actual content helped her establish herself as a successful social media celebrity during her adolescence. Her estimated net worth is around $10,000.

Talking about Nahmir, the majority of Nahmir’s income came from the release of three mixtapes (one with YBN Collective) and one album (Visionland). Nahmir also makes money from ads on his YouTube channel, which has over 200 million views and generates roughly $600,000 in revenue before state taxes. He also makes sponsored posts on his Instagram account (3.6 million followers). As a result, American rapper YBN Nahmir’s net worth is believed to be $1.5 million.

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