Hey guys. I’m here with the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 174. Without any further ado, let’s begin. The chapter is titled “Gold Tapes Imperial”.

So essentially Deku got cut because they wanted to use Aoyama’s power to create a mirror ball of sorts at the opening (using a new move) so they’ll need less people around.

(The mirror ball was Kouda’s idea)

Deku feels kinda bad since he told Eri he’d be in the show, but acquiesces if it means he’ll be able to do something good for everyone. He starts using his free time to amp up his training with the next day.

He’s been able to get this far with the basics, but needs something more to control his powers with more fidelity. He asks All Might for any ideas he has or tricks, and All might is just like. “I dunno”, hah.
My Hero Academia Chapter 174
All might says he just had an “image” he imagined and that’s all he needed. Mei Hatsume is there testing her “babies” early in the morning. All might is worried about her asking questions, but as usual she only cares about her inventions, lol.

Oh, she says she’s just started customizing his request since the formalities of such a thing take a while. All Might reveals he had a support item at one point, but it only really drew out 20 to 30% of his power, and he’d quickly break it whenever he used it.

So he decided to just fight without it, but he says it’s a good idea for Deku. But he recommends Deku not rely on it too much since he’s known a lot of heroes who can’t activate the powers without items and are at a loss without them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 174

Later when the students are talking over Tea, Deku gets obsessed over finding internet videos of all might using his item. (it’s like armor), lol. He ends up clicking on one of Gentle’s videos by mistake though.

It’s a video of him proclaiming his next vid will be an “alarm call” to society.

Ochaco wonders if he’s popular but sees that his video got like 785 dislikes. Deku says he’s heard of how Gentle is seen as an annoyance, and wonders how he can post videos without being caught.

He wonders what Gentle has planned next, however… Gentle is talking to La Brava about how heroes now adays are a disappointing bunch.

On his desks are plans, but I can’t really make out what they say. In any case, he says he’ll use the Student Festival to open their eyes. (Sounding a lot like Stain, hm.)

La Brava is concerned the kids at the festival will get involved, and he says that’s why it’ll be a “wake up alarm.” Okay here we go, this is where things get wordy.

On that day at around 5am, the road by the hero offices will have very few people, and they’ll be able to enter U.A via side road. Using a path that they’ll investigate beforehand.

They’ll have to do this without using quirks since there are heroes who patrol from the air though. From there, they’ll have to sneak through a park without making a sound and to a isolated house, which will bring them to the center of U.A.

Though there will probably be security protocols, but La Brava a pro hacker and will disable those. She also has a key to that aforementioned house. It’s not specifically said if this is a quirk though. It’s then revealed how they met. Gentle sucks at computers, but then one day La Brava appeared at his house as his first fan and asked if she could help him. Help him carve his name into history.

So he says he’ll do this job for the sake of the world, the sake of people, and to respond to her feelings. She says she loves him and he responds he does too. The chapter ends with time advancing to the night before the festival.


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