The series of My Hero Academia is finally getting a video game for console. With Two season of content and plenty of manga pages, My Hero Academia One’s Justice is the title for the game. With that said, today we will be talking about the developers, the website, as well as all the information that has been confirmed for the game!

My Hero Academia Video Game Developers And Website Revealed

So to begin with, the developers were rumored to be either Cyber Connect 2 (preferably known as the developers of the Naruto Storm series) or Spike. However neither of those developer companies are going to be working on My Hero Academia One’s Justice. The company that will develop the My Hero Academia game will be Byking (a subsidiary of Square Enix and Taito).

My Hero Academia Video Game Developers And Website Revealed

If you are unfamiliar with Byking, they are the ones responsible for creating and developing games such as:

  • Rise of Incarnates
  • Gunslinger Stratos
  • Magicians DEAD

The company is known for developing arcade games or arena fighters, which we are expecting My hero Academia One’s Justice to be when it releases and when it comes to the fighting mechanics. The graphics do resemble that of the Storm franchise, however the game will be developed by Byking and be a multiplayer fighting game.

My Hero Academia Video Game Developers And Website Revealed

As far as the website is concerned, their is not a lot of information revealed yet. However what we can tell you this that their website has renders of the 3d models that will be used in game. The renders of the characters include:

  • Midoriya
  • Shigaraki

Alongside the renders of the two characters, there are four screenshots showcasing action scenes and fighting. My Hero Academia One’s Justice will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4.

My Hero Academia Video Game Developers And Website Revealed

For more information about the game, it is said that a trailer will be released at Jump Festa. So until then there is no further information about the game. My Hero academia One’s Justice has no confirmed release date as of yet. If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, then stay tuned for when the trailer drops because we will provide more information when it releases. For now you can check out the translated scan. Thanks for reading and we will see you all soon in another article.


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