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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 305: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans and Where to Read Online?

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 305
My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 305 reveals the night in the castle with Isabella and Xiang Ye. My Wife Is A Demon Queen follows the story of Xiang and Isabella as they show their magical powers and reveals their love story. From the previous chapter of My Wife Is A Demon Queen, Xiang Ye and Isabella helped the commander recover after using God Stone’s power. Xiang Ye ordered the teacher not to reveal what he had used to heal the commander. When the commander wakes up, the family celebrates and praises Xinag Ye, and Isabella wonders what miracle they have done.

The chapter begins in the castle at night. Penny has arrived at the castle, and the king told Xiang Ye and Isabell to sleep since it is not morning yet. The two head to their room, and Xiang Ye realizes that he is tired. He told Isabella that they had a busy day. Isabella told him to stop talking too much, and she was the one who wanted to rest. She orders him to bring the Ancient Book of the Dwarf Kingdom and something comfortable to wear when she sleeps.

Xiang Ye brought a black outfit, and she teased him that he had a lousy taste since he chose something black. Isabella relaxes and sits on top of the bed as she read the book she asked him to bring. Xiang Ye comments that he has read that book in the past, and there are a lot of things that attack. His teacher convinced him to read the Ancient books. Xiang Ye rolls matres for him to sleep and continues to talk about what he read. He reveals that the details inside that book are the same as the information on the stolen slabs in Eli Village.

Previously on My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 304

Isabella is surprised to see that Xiang Ye wants to sleep on the floor and asks him what he is doing. Xiang Ye replies that he will sleep on the floor, look at her, and notice that she looks beautiful in that costume. Isabella asks if she permitted him to sleep on the floor. Xiang Ye asks her where he can sleep since there is no space or other bed for him. Isabella pats the bed and asks him if he wants her to say it for the second time. She is signaling him to come and join him.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Later the two are show sleeping and on the same bed, and Xiang Ye leaves a gap between them. They wonder why dwarfs have big beds when they are not tall. Xiang Ye realizes that he has spent many times sleeping alone and wonders if he should take the first step. He turns around and looks at the ceiling, and check if Isabella is sleeping. Xing notices that her back looks like a beautiful oil painting. Isabella asks him if he is asleep. Xiang got surprised and wondered if she was listening to him.

She asks him to come and massage his back. Xiang Ye wonders how he would begin that, but he tried, and he began sweating. He asks her if he is not using his strength, she can tell him he will increase. Xiang Ye felt that Isabella’s skin was too soft, making him tremble and sweat more whenever he touched her. His hair got more spiker as if electricity had shocked him. Isabella told him to go deeper, and he must not make her repeat what she said.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 305 Release Date

My-Wife-Is A Demon Queen Chapter 305 will be released on 28 September 2021. Xiang Ye gets shocked since she is going wild, and the chapter ends with him doing what Isabella is telling him. The family is resting since the commander is back, and he is making a speedy recovery. My Wife Is A Demon Queen has no official website where we can access the latest chapter in time. The next chapter of My Wife Is A Demon Queen, Chapter 306, will release soon.

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