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Spoilers & Recap: My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294
My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294

More action will continue in My Wife is a Demon Queen chapter 294 as we have already seen how the latest chapter of the manga has been going. The chapter was mostly about fighting, and it looks like things will settle soon. But the chapter did not go as far as the end, so we will get to see the fight continue in the next chapter. The fight between the corpse pillar Raymond Asso and Yi Bei continues as Raymond wants to capture him and use him as a bargaining chip against Queen Isabella. The fight between the demon queen and Raymond has been going on for a while. Even though she is weakened, she still finds it easy to deal with Raymond, who ended up fleeing.

So Yi Bei had to intercept him because he will come back much stronger if he finally escapes. The fight will probably reach its end soon because the corpse pillar is the only one left standing. So as soon as Yi Bei defeats him, then things should settle down afterward.

Yi Bei managed to heal Sophisas, who had fatal wounds before joining the demon queen in apprehending Raymond, who is trying to run away. Now it is 1 v 1 between Raymond and Yi Bei, and things seem to be going in Yi Bei’s favor.

The latest episode saw Yi Bei gaining more advantage, and Raymond was running out of time due to Yi Bei’s spell that eats away at Raymond’s inner world as time passes by. So not only is he cornered, but he has no time as Yi Bei prepared to bring this fight to an end.

We should also note that the demon queen is still around, so even if things do not go in Yi Bei’s favor, then the queen can still intervene and save him.

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My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294

Previously in My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 293

Yi Bei si proving to be a tough opponent for Raymond, the corpse pillar, and he is on the brink of defeating him. Raymond focused mostly on escaping as the queen’s presence meant that he had no chance of winning a fight against her. But when Yi Bei intercepted him, he still tried to escape instead of fighting him directly.

So this might be a mistake he made since Yi Bei casts a spell that eats away at Raymond’s inner world bit by bit while he makes sure that he does not escape.  Now Raymond is almost out of options, and the only way to have a chance at surviving this is if he finds a new vessel to transfer his inner world to.

The latest chapter only covered this fight but did not give details until the very end. So next, we will see how this will proceed as Raymond is cornered and might have just found a way to get out of this situation.

We managed to get a glimpse of Raymond’s last desperate attempt, and he has switched form once again. But it was if a form of a silhouette and the appearance even shocked Yi Bei, so it should be interesting t find out how this will develop into in the next chapter.

It won’t be a while till we get the next chapter of My Wife is A Demon Queen, and below, we will be looking at the webtoon’s release schedule for the chapters to follow.

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 294 Release Date

My Wife is a Demon Queen Chapter 294 will be released on 13 August 2021. the episode might be released a little later than that, as we have seen in the previous chapters. Hopefully, there won’t be further interruptions, and we will get new chapters according to the usual schedule.

New chapters are usually released every four days, but lately, there have been delays on the chapter schedule that saw no chapter release within the scheduled time. Fortunately, the previous chapter was released about 4 days ago, so we should be very close to the next chapter’s release.

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