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My Soul to Keep Ending Explained

My Soul to keep

For those who have watched My Soul to Keep, you may have some doubts regarding the ending of the movie. And in this article, we are going to look at My Soul to keep the ending explained. My Soul to keep comes as director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad’s follow to the 2014 Jinn movie. The movie has a pretty decent response thanks to its strong cast despite having an average script. Since this is a horror movie, it is mostly a single location, which is the house. As every house in horror movies should be, this house also gives a creepy and a shade of darkness to it.

My Soul to Keep is a story about a boy who has to fight off a monster in his basement. When searched on the internet, there isn’t much information regarding this movie’s ending. This is surprising considering how well the reviewers received the movie. This movie can be considered as one among the many movies that were unfortunate to not get much attention despite being a great movie. For those who have watched the movie, you are in the right place as we will be looking at My Soul to Keep the ending explained and in the hope to solve the viewers’ every doubt.

My Soul to keep

Still from the movie, My Soul To Keep

My Soul to keep ending explained

The story of My Soul to Keep is around a follow a boy named Eli, played by Parker Smerek. At the beginning of the movie, Eli tells the class about the Burglary Monster, which Eli adorably pronounces as the burglary monster. This is the story that Eli’s father told to him when he was little. The plot is very similar to many horror movies. First, we are introduced to the villain of the topic, and as the movie moves further, we are greeted with the villain. This is the same case for My Soul to Keep too. As the movie at the beginning introduced the Burglary monster, we will be facing that later.

We can also understand later in this movie that Eli may have BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. For those who don’t know, Borderline personality disorder or BPD is a mental health disorder that impacts the way the patient thinks and feels about themselves and others. Patients with this disease face issues like self-image, difficulty in managing emotions and behavior. And will even have a pattern of unstable relationships. This, as we all can guess, will cause problems in their everyday life.

My Soul to keep

The story of My Soul to Keep is around a follow a boy named Eli, played by Parker Smerek.

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Eli’s illness makes him an easier target for the Burglary Monster. The movie has been differentiated with different acts, with each having a pretty strong. The first act of the gives the vibe of a traditional children’s horror. The second act gives more of a Stranger Things vibe since, in this act, we will be seeing kids getting in searching for answers to identify who is Burglary Monster is.

The third act takes a complete shift from the track. It now no longer features the horror genre. We will see Eli running around the house, creating traps for the monster, somewhat similar to the one we saw in Home Alone. However, keep in mind that the movie is not the horror version of Home alone, but they only share some similarities like this. And then there is the end of the movie.

The third act takes a complete shift from the track. It now no longer features the horror genre.

There is a climax that has mixed emotions like fun and horror. By the end of the movie, we will be sent into emotions, but that won’t be hurting the viewers badly. Since jumping into the ending explanation will be running the watching experience of the movie. We are not taking a deep dive into the ending but guaranteeing the viewers that it will be an interesting one.

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