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My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X Episode 12: How To Watch & Release Date

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

Keith’s disappearance part three begins with My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X Episode 12, with Catarina finding clues and that Keith got kidnaped. My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead to Doom! X has concluded after the release of this upcoming episode this week; let’s find more about Keith’s disappearance. From the latest, My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes Lead-to-Doom! X, episode, Catarina recalls the day she met with Keith crying inside his room and console him. In the present day, Catarina had a vision where she lost Keith to the darkness and failed to grab his hand.

Catarina wakes up and vows that she will save Keith. Later the Royals head to the abandoned mansion that Alexander told them about it last night. Lady Larna is leading them, and they notice a few punks guarding the entrance. Larna asks Maria if she can sense dark magic, and she agrees. Catarina comments that if Keith is inside that building, they have to save him right away. Geordo told her to relax and stick to the plan, or they would make Kieth suffer from torture if they got exposed. Geordo asks Lady Larna about the plan, and Maria reveals that the mansion is dangerous.

Maria adds that she sensed something far more terrifying than anything they have faced before. It looks as if it’s enveloping the entire mansion. Larna suggests contacting the Department of Magic before making a move. They head to the inn nearby, and Larna gets inside to communicate with the Department of Magic. When she comes out, Geordo asks her what they say. Larna replies that she has decided to request backup from the Department of Magic, and they will proceed. Catarina is worried that this is taking time.

Previously on My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead-to-Doom! X Episode 11

Larna told Catarina that reinforcement would arrive the next day, and Catarina realized that it was far since Keith was suffering. Catarina told the Royals that she couldn’t wait that long, and she knew that place was dangerous, but they had to do something. She is worried that they can’t tell if Keith will be safe waiting for tomorrow. Catarina asks Larna to give her permission to go to that mansion alone. Geordo supported her and said he would join Catarina. Larna accepted their proposal and said she wouldn’t let them sneak alone, but they will do it in a group.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead-to-Doom! X

Larna told the crew that they needed to find a place they could use to get inside. She orders Sora to look for that, and Sora guarantees that doing that is his thing. Catarina thanks Geordo for supporting her idea and making it possible for them to search for Keith now. Geordo replies that he knows there is no stopping Catarina when she shows that look on her face. He falls to his knees and holds Catarina’s hands, telling her how kind she is and how she can’t see a person in trouble.

Geordo adds that if he were in Keith’s position, Katarina would have rushed to save him. Catarina replies that it is obvious that she would rush, and he replies that is why he loves that part of her. Geordo reminds her to be ready once this is all over. They both follow Sora, who leads them to invade the building. They encountered Thomas and managed to save Keith. On their way back, Geordo gets his moment and kisses Catarina. They brought Keith to the Royal Castle to recover.

My Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead-to-Doom! X Episode 12 Release Date

My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead to Doom X Episode 12 will be released on 18 September, at 1:25 AM. This anime has concluded this season. Look at My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All -Roads Lead to Doom! X details and official news are below.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All-Routes-Lead-to-Doom! X

Where To Watch My-Next Life as a Villainess: All-Roads-Lead to Doom X Episode 12

You can watch My-Next-Life as a Villainess: All Road- Lead to Doom X Episode 12 online on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS.  My Next-Life as a Villainess-all Roads: Lead to Doom-X episodes available for streaming.

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