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Preview: My Next Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X Episode 6

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

The story of Catarina’s villainess from another world continues. During her kidnapping, she met with Rufus, who is behind all the schemes. The other villainess from another world keeps an eye on Rufus. They had a meeting and talk about how they can stop Rufus and free Catarina. They find that Rufus has black magic that he is using on Catarina. Let’s see how Catarina reunites with King Geordo in My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X Episode 6. The villainess finds that Catarina was unconscious when she got captured. They try to come with plans to help Cataranina defeat Rufus’s dark magic.

Catarina had a deep slumber, and Rufus arrives to wake her up in the afternoon. Rufus looks at her before she wakes and wonders how a human can relax in such a situation. Catarina wakes up and realizes that it is afternoon. Catarina demand to know the truth from Rufus, who decided to open up. Rufus reveals his master’s doings since they believe that Prince Jeffrey is the  King. Rufus and his master will do whatever it takes to dethrone the current King.

Catarina realizes that Ian and Geordo are obstacles from Jeffery to become a King. The crowned King Gerode is in danger, but Prince Alan is not on the list. Alan is still young to become the heir to the throne. The boys are racing to the throne, but Jeffrey wants to be the only King.  Catarina and Rufus had a wonderful moment when they share a cup of tea. Catarina is impressed that Rufus is a kind man. Rufus never thought a butler would sit will a royal lady and had tea together.

Previously on My Next-Life as a Villainess, all Roads Lead to Doom X Episode 5

The episode title is ”Love for the Younger Brothers Poured Fourth.” Rufus reveals his past and also talked about suffering countries. The spark between the two lights and Rufus romantically pushed Catarina on top of the bed. When they are about to do it, the maid Lina knocks on the door, and Rufus stopped. Later Geordo saved his lady and brought her back to his castle. Geordo told Catarina that he couldn’t stand it when someone took her away from him when they are at home.

My Next Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X

My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X

In the evening, Catarina had a dream when Geordo kissed her, and she felt like it was happening. The maid arrives and greets her as she wakes and realizes that she had a wonderful dream. The maid asks her if she slept well, and she replies yes with a smile. Everyone is glad that the kidnapping incident go resolves and Catarina has returned to the Magic Academy. Catarina realizes that Rufus Master is behind the kidnapping and a marquis named Davison Mason.

Catarina walks around the academy and thinks that Rufus got forced to do evil deeds. But he won’t be charged with a serious crime. The royals follow Catarina, and she reminds them that their classes are separated. One of the girls replies that they are preventing the worst from happening. Catarina belies that Geordo must be part of this since he never wants any harm to happen to her. Later she recalls the time she spent with her brother Alan and how she loved her during their childhood.

My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X Episode 6 Release Date

My Next Life as a Villainess-All Routes Lead to Doom! X Episode 6 release date is Saturday, 7 August, at 1:25 AM. My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X will release an episode every Saturday. Those who are in different countries from Japan will get the latest episode every Thursday. Note that Japan’s time is different from other countries, and you can convert it to get the show as soon as the anime release the new episode.

Where To Watch My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X Episode 6?

You can watch My Next-Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X Episode 6 online on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS. My Next-Life as a Villainess all Roads Lead to Doom X is available on its official website and various platforms. This anime will continue to release new episodes every week, and it will be available online; you can look at Preview: My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom! X Episode 5.

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