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My Name Is Leon Stock, Availability & Price

Today we bring you My Name is Leon’s review, stock, availability, and price. Firstly, “My Name is Leon” is a book by Irish writer Kit de Waal. It tells the story of a little eight-year-old boy and his baby brother. Secondly, the boy’s name is Leon. he and his brother live in a foster home because his mother and their father split up. After that, Jake becomes adopted, and Leon must endure life through foster homes and their perils, which means ailing foster parents, adverse conditions, and learning to love in where there is nothing to love.

The book came out in June 2016 under print by the prestigious Penguin Books. On the other hand, the author De Waal hails from Birmingham, England. She grew up in Moseley. She is both British and Irish because her mother is Irish. Consequentially, she has Irish nationality. Moreover, De Waal studied creative writing at Oxford Brookes University, where she received a master’s degree and then she began writing. And now, let’s take a look at her novel “My Name is Leon” here at Otakukart.

my name is leon review stock availability and price

The book My Name is Leon

My Name is Leon Review

My Name Is Leon is a book set in the early 1980s and recounted from a kid’s viewpoint who is acutely aware of what is going on around him, though we understand more than he does. The narrator in this instance is eight-year-old Leon, who becomes a foster kid. Jake, his baby brother, is born at the start of the book. We immediately see that something is amiss with their mother, Carol. She exits the hospital room to have a cigarette rather than cradle the kid she has just given birth to. The nurse also departs, telling Leon, “If he begins weeping, you come and get me.” OK?” Leon is left alone with Jake. This is just one of several quietly startling passages in the book that show how far child safety has come in the last 30 years.

It’s difficult not to sympathize with Leon, a fragile kid who keeps everything hidden and has so little assistance accessible to him. Maureen fosters the boys, but when Jake is adopted by another family, Leon loses the little brother he loves and has worked hard to protect. He loses them when he is put into care, and his toys are left in the apartment. He has already lost both his parents. When she subsequently returns for visits, her mental state has deteriorated. Leon, unsurprisingly, has behavioral issues at school and resorts to petty stealing.

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My Name is Leon Review stock Availability and Price

My Name is Leon Review stock Availability and Price

My Name is Leon Availability and Price

The book My Name is Leon is widely available on several worldwide outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Books A Million!, and Indie Bound. The book on all those outlets on softcover goes for US $19.99. Suppose you want the hardcover, you will get it for $32.00. If you have a Kindle, you can get it for $12.53. On the other hand, De Waal expertly brings her adult characters to life via the eyes of her young protagonist, and she lavishes sympathy on all of her protagonists. Carol is unable to stop herself, let alone her two kids, whom she obviously adores. The ladies who care for Leon are imperfect yet well-meaning.

Screen Adaptation

BBC One plans on adapting this book into an onscreen drama with Cole Martin in the lead opposite Malachi Kirby (from Small Axe) and Monica Dolan (you may remember her from A Very English Scandal). As well as Olivia Williams (from Counterpart). And Poppy Lee Friar (from Ackley Bridge) and Christopher Eccleston (from The A Word). Moreover, the photography will take place in Birmingham, England, and the release will be sometime next year. As soon as we have more information, we will post an update for you. And that’s a wrap on our scoop of My Name is Leon here on Otakukart. Where we post daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and entertainment topics! Please keep coming back for more!

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