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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

The fierce battle between Number Six and The Crawler, Koichi begins with My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110. My Hero Academia Vigilantes have been on this battle for a while since Number Six wants to kill The Crawler, but his tactics keep on failing him. From the latest My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter, O’clock gives Number Six strategies on getting rid of Koichi. He advises him to use O’clock striking style, but The Crawler possesses a remarkable ability to dodge. O’clock told Number Six to play it like a chess game, and conner The Crawler top box him.

Number Six agrees to that plan, and Koichi notices something, wondering what this guy is planning. He unleashes several arms since he wants to shower Koichi with barrages. Number Six realizes that he has been regenerating after each Knuckle Bomb attack and decides to fire Grenades. He pulls something at his back that looks like a throwing bomb, and Koichi wonders what Number Six has tossed on the air. Number Six keeps on tossing something in the air while dashing towards The Crawler.

The chapter title is “Culmination.” Kochi jumps and realizes that Number Six throws bombs into the air. Koichi realizes that he got distracted, and everything around him keeps on exploding. Number Six realizes that Koichi took the battle to mid-air, but another bomb awaits him there. The bombs are all over around Koichi like a mid-air minefield. Koichi used his Quirk to flat, but he heard explosions. Number Six notices that Koichi used Airbone Boot to escape his bomb attacks. He wonders how Koichi’s Quirk works since he managed to avoid the direct hellfire. Number Six believes that Wave Two of the attack will end everything with a single blow.

Previously on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109 starts with Koichi diving mid-air to counterattack. But Koichi uses his Quirk: Shooty-Go-Kablam to protect himself against Number Six. Koichi realizes that blasting Number Six’s bombs leaves him gasping and drained, and he loses momentum when he lands. Koichi decided to take the battle to the ground to make a good escape. O’clock noticed something and decided to develop the next strategy since the Grenades were not giving them victory. O’clock told Number Six to use different types of bombs.


The detectives are dealing with sleepy Bomber Villains and begin to arrest them in numbers. Ping and Mou are glad that all the creeps around the hospital are getting captured, and they decide to help. Some captured Bomber Villains waked up and scared Ping and Mou, but they were handcuffed with a street steel pole. On Koichi’s side, he is surprised to see Bomber Villains appearing in number, and they begin to chase him. Koichi notices that the Bomber Villains are coming out from the woods like a mob. He dives and runs backward, trying to land a powerful blast using his Quirk to hold them off.

Koichi wonders if Shooty-Go-Blam is a no-go against the Bomber Villains and decides to smash them with Shooty-Go-Kalbam to the legs. The Bomber Villains manages to survive that, and Koichi notices their number is increasing and wonders if he will get flanked. O’clock came up with Phase Six of Operation Anonymous and explained it to Number Six. Number Six realizes that it is a good plan and aims a web of pure bloodlust at Koichi. Number Six is confident that he got The Crakler where he wants him, and there is no escape. O’clock advise Number Six to follow his twisted path and seek his Culumination to surpass every last limit.


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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 Release Date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 will be released on 24 September 2021. This manga releases two chapters in one month. My Hero Academia Vigilantes uses a bi-monthly schedule, but the manga doesn’t delay its chapters since it is rare to take a monthly break. You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 110 online on VIZ. The recent chapters of My Hero Academia Vigilantes are available online on VIZ for free.

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