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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109: Release Date & Spoilers

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

The Crawler vs. The Villain Number Six begins with My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109 with Crawler dodging Number Six attacks. This will be released soon since the manga releases twice a month. From the recent chapter of My Hero Academia Vigilantes, Number Six unleashing his proper form to finish Koichi, The Crawler. The chapter title is ”The Variant.” Koichi is surprised that Number Six has transformed again and said Number Six looks stronger than before. Number Six comments that The Crawler is about to taste his actual speed. He uses Number 6 HI-Crawler and dashes at full speed, copying how Koichi moves when running away.

Koichi notices that Number Six is too fast, and he is using his claws to slice him. Koichi dodges those claws, and Number Six keeps on swinging, but he can’t pierce the target. He manages to jump far and notices Number Six is using his Quirk, and he enhanced it. Koichi realizes that he must avoid getting hit since Number Six slows down to attack with his hands. He decided to keep on crawling to stay safe. Number Six landed a clean head, but and Koichi begins to bleed.

Number six begins to mix up and landed a body slam. Koichi realizes that Number Six always attacks whenever he slows down. Koichi discovered that Number Six is at an advantage since he is using claws attacks. Number Six continues to strike at full speed, and Koichi feels like each strike is like a stab of the spear when they land on him. Koichi can’t defend since Number Six is going for all the spots to locate Koichi’s weakness. Koichi realizes that if Number Six landed a killing blow, he would die, but he has to up his defense.

Previously on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 108

Number Six unleashes his signature move, and Koichi thinks that he got him and he is dead. Overclock notices that Number Six will never listen to his advice since he is going for a kill. He wonders what will happen if the acceleration state is like an underwater dive. The deeper one dive, the higher the pressure, breath, and vision reduce the more you go deeper. The body will be heavy, like a liquid-filled sack that grows less and less reliable. Overclock explains how Number Six gained the new form to be like a shark ruling over the sea.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

He sends advice to Number Six on how he can use his new body and new powers. Overclock reveals that if Number Six master everything that he explained, he will become a Super Predator. Overclock realizes that Number Six has forgotten that The Crawler has been through all the challenging hardships. When Koichi’s Quirk activates, it can respond to the slightest threat. Number Six realizes that The Crawler supprises everyone at the last minute. Overclock told Number Six to thinks Koichi’s abilities as conditioned reflexes drilled into his system through combat experience. But the type of experience is unique.

Overclock also said the police force and the Heroes never allow the villain to make the first move. But during the years of his Vigilante, The Crawler was always in defense mode. That result in the birth of this Variant Fighter. Number Six continues to clash with The Crawler, who served that killer strike. Koichi is like a monstrous warrior whose reflexes are trained to counter-attack and a dancer. Koichi is glad that he survived those massive blows. Overclock comments that using speed only won’t work against Koichi. They decided to use another strategy called Phase Six to dominate Koichi.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109 Release Date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109 will be released on Friday, 10 September 2021. Only two chapters are released every month. My Hero Academia Vigilantes runs on a bi-monthly schedule, but it is rare for manga to take a break; You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 109 online on VIZ. You will get a new chapter of My Hero Academia Vigilantes online on VIZ for free.

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