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Spoilers: My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 106

My Hero Academia Vigilantes
My Hero Academia Vigilantes

The Crawler Koichi continues to battle with Number Six, the villain that wants to reclaim Kazuho, aka Pop Step. Kazuho got hospitalized unconscious, fighting for her life; the detectives guard her for the Annons not to steal her. Note that My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga chapters come out twice a month. The chapter title is ”Pest.” The Naruhata neighborhood experienced a large-scale blackout; the workers and the citizens talked with the news reporters about their incidents. The downtown is also affected by various disturbances. The government has called out any Hero available to help deal with the incidents.

The citizens and the news reporters wonder who will come to their rescue and come up with the solution; Pro Hero All Might is relaxing, eating his meal, and received the news. All Might realizes that there is trouble in Naruhata and hopes Tsukauchi’s job doesn’t get delayed due to the chaos. He took his cellphone and called Mr. Yagi to talk about the Hero work. All Might asks Mr. Yagi to give him more details about Naruhata. The two spoke about a Namahage attacking up North in Akita. All Might decided to leave and told the waiters not to clear his plate since he will come back.

The battle between the Crawler Koichi and Number Six continues after Koichi failed to blast Number Six. But his arm got cut, and he tried to pin down Koichi. Number Six uses his Quirk to regenerate his arm, and it got fixed instantly. Number Six praises his speedy recovery and that his fist got loaded with bombify detonation and regeneration. He realizes that he can use three punches in a single breath to keep up with his speed.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107 Highlights

Number Six thought he would have killed Koichi with a single hit. Meanwhile, Inside the building, detective Naomasa, Midnight, and the police force are dealing with Annons. They manage to pin them down, and Midnight uses her Quirk to restrain them. Midnight told Naomasa to put the villains to sleep since her Quirk has reached the limit. Naomasa told Midnight to head to Kazuho’s room and guard it until the backup arrives.

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Koga managed to jump from the rooftop and make his way inside the hospital top building. Koga wonders if Koichi has managed to pull the plan they lay down and escaped. Outside the building Number, Six kicked Koichi, who rolls on the ground, while Ping and Mou tried to hide from the Annons, who seems to be in a sleeping mode. The two saw Koichi moving, and Ping comments that Koichi is eating pavement. Mou reminds Ping to be quiet since the Annons might wake up and bomb them.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter

Cheating Code

But Ping continues to talk, and Mou closes his mouth using his hands. The two begin trembling after seeing Number Six. Number Six saw those two and told them to wait for their dying turn. The Crawler Koichi managed to get up while Number Six is talking with the two. Number Six notice that Koichi is back and wonders how the young kid is still alive. The Overclock Quirk begins to work and signal Number Six to stop acting careless or underestimate Koichi.

Overclock Quirk also realizes that they are missing something and tell Number Six to move faster while analyzing what is happening. Number Six replies that he understands while Koichi jumps up, trying to avoid contacting Number Six. The two began to exchange blows, and Number Six made a massive explosion that blew Koichi away. Number Six notice the Koichi uses Slide and Glide to repel the blast and move backward at the moment of impact, neutralizing the damage.

Number Six thinks that Koichi uses a cheating code in the middle of the battle and wonders how he can get Koichi. Overclock told Number Six to attacks the Crawler quickly without giving him time to react since they only need one blow to connect. The two realize that Crawler is at the same speed as Number Six, and he is on guard. Number Six comments that Koichi is a pest a freaking pest. Koichi realizes that when he dodged the last blow, his body moved on its own. Number Six continues to attack while All Might has returned to the restaurant.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 106 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Vigilantes Chapter 106 release date is 23 July 2021. You can read My Hero Academia Vigilantes officially on VIZ.

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