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Spoilers & Preview: My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

A young boy named Koichi Crawler, a villain by the Pro Heroes, tries to save the world without the Heroe’s license. The Pro Heroes wouldn’t understand how he works since he protects a villain that almost destroyed the world. However, the Heroes find the truth after a group of Anons started attacking with the help of a villain named Number Six. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga’s latest chapter begins with Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi saying that they have captured the target.

Naomasa told the police force to restrain the target, and they manage to pin Number-Six to the ground. O’clock tries to find a way to free Number Six. Naomasa told his men to call Pro Hero Midnight. In the other room, Midnight received the message that the culprit on the police’s hands. She dashed out and told the doctor to take care of Pop. Number Six thinks he will resist Midnight’s Quirk since he can’t breathe in her scent that will cause him to fall unconscious. He is worried about the electrified handcuffs that shock him when he tries to break them. The title of the chapter is ”Inhumanity.”

Koichi the Crawler notice something weird about Number Six. Number Six’s body begins to melt and look like liquid soap. Naomasa sees that the villains use a deep breathing technique to dissolve themselves. He points the gun to Number Six and calls him Overclock. Naomasa warns Number Six not to move, or he will shoot. The villains escape from his clothes, and the bullets hit his coat. Number Six appears near Naomasa in the form of a jelly-being. Number Six told Naomasa that he is too slow, and half of his body got made with bomber cells that take any form based on the instructions from his brain.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 103 Highlights

Number Six told Naomasa to enjoy shooting him since nothing can happen to him. Naomasa gets confused, and Number Six reminds him that he should have aimed for the head if he wants him dead. O’clock warns Number Six not to get exited since the sniper is out somewhere. Soga aims to fire another rocket bullet and notice that he has his target on sight. Number Six changes his form, looks by the window, and realizes that Soga won’t fire since many people are inside the building.

Number Six is furious that the cops and Pro Heroes are wasting his time and time waster gets the death penalty. Koichi unleashes his Quirk and attacks Number Six with mini beams. Six realizes that the kid is smashing him for the second time. O’clock tries to analyze what Koichi is doing. Finally, o’clock warns Number Six to retreat in the time since they might run out of gas and get capture. Number Six’s can’t believe that the wimpy attack slammed his face, but he decides to escape.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Suicide Mission

The police force shouts that Number Six has fled the scene. Naomasa told his men that the game is not over and the villain will return. Naomasa asks Crawler to help him with something. Meanwhile, Number Six arrives outside the hospital and looks up, seeing the room that Pop got located. Ping and Mou wonder who that guy recently appeared. They realize that the first guy who entered the hospital is different from the one that has emerged. Number Six decided to regroup with his team since he has the layout of the hospital.

The Annons will force their way inside the hospital, begin with a suicide mission, and clear the path. Number Six sent one of strong Anon to keep Soga busy. Number Six comments that Soga is also part of the game plan. O’clock told Number Six that Anons are essential tools and they must get wasted. Ping and Mou wonder who that guy is talking to since he is alone. Mou asks if by ”us” that guy must be talking about them and the cops. The two notice that Kochi is dashing at full speed to take that villain down.

Number Six wonders if Koichi keeps on running and he is running away when people are in danger. Earlier, Naomasa orders Koichi to call All Might before the worst happens. Naomasa decided to protect everyone until All Might and Koichi return. They realize that the villains’ target is Kazuho and makes Koichi escape with her. Number Six wonders where Koichi is going.  Number Six comments that since the Crawler is running away, it leaves him as nameless and faceless. Number Six decides to counter Koichi.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 Release Date

My Hero: Academia Vigilantes Chapter 104 release date is 25 June 2021. Also, read Spoilers & Preview: My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 103, released last month. You can also support the Manga by reading My Hero Academia Vigilantes official on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus free.

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