My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 101: Spoilers and Recap

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My Hero Academia Vigilantes
My Hero Academia Vigilantes

My Hero Academia Vigilantes has returned with other bio-monthly updates. The Crawler pursuit has ended after Shota Aizawa noticed the Civilians are in trouble. They both decided to ally and save the Civilians. Meanwhile, Number Six and O’clock are continuing with their unknown plans. The recent chapter’s updates are titled Anonymous. They have managed to cut off the communication and enables contact between allies. The Drone Soldier Villain, Anonymous will appear soon.

As they plan to make, Anons blend into a crowd and disrupt people’s emotional and physical connection. O’clock told Number Six to stop the information from spreading by cutting all communications. He wants the town to be afflicted by Operation Anonymous. He is glad that All Might won’t trouble them, and the Heroes are figuring out what is happening while his plans are progressing. The Crawler Koichi jumped at that wall and told the Civilians to calm down and take cover.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Highlights

The Pro Heroes has gathered, and Ingenium and Edge Shot analyses the map trying to locate the Villains. Edge Shot reveals that the Blackout Extends several kilometers in each direction around Naruhata Station. Ingenium, also known as Turbo Hero, comments that the rails and roads are cut off, making it difficult for them to restore the power. Best Jeanist realizes that this incident is like the Sky Edge incident where the communication was cut off.

He realizes that their priority was to communicate with the outside world and assess the Blackout Zone situation. The trio Pro Heroes both speak their mind. Edge Shot decided to make contact with Detective Tsukauchi. They are surprised when The Crawler Koichi shows his face and thanks them for arriving in time. He told them to take care of Naruhata. Koichi acted like he would give the advice, but he tricked them and commented that he is out from here and wishes them good luck.

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His stance was like All Might when he finished fighting the Heroes, and all eyes were on him. Shota notices that and unleashes his Erasures Quirk and pulls The Crawler back. Best Jeanist told the Crawler that he is the Villain in custody and they can let him go. He asks him why didn’t he flee when he had a chance, but he decided to save the Civilians. Koichi scratches his head and compliments them for their hard work to protect the town, and he was passing by to say thanks.

Bomber Villains

My Hero Academia Vigilantes
My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Shota told Edge Shot that he would head to the hospital and keeping an eye on The Crawler. The two left, and on the way, they help the Civilians who are in danger. O’clock and Number Six witness the Heroes saving the Civilians. Number Six comments that the Heroes never fail to impress, and he admires them. The two decided to allow phase 4 of the operation to begin. Phase 4 begins, and Koichi, along with Shota, encounters the Annons, and they wonder if they are the Heroes or something.

Shota shouts that these must be the Villains. Number Six smiles that the Anons’ bodies have bomber Villains cell the commander can trigger at will. If they get in contact with something, they explode. Koichi was about to touch one, and Shota uses Erasure Quirk and pulls him back before he explodes. Koichi comments that they blew up just like the Bomber Villains from that other time. They realize that these are stronger, and they are made for combat.

The Bomber Villains chases Koichi and Shota as they explode. Shota notices that he can’t hold them using his Erasure to delay the explosions. The Bomber Villains show up in number, and Koichi realizes that it is an army of them. Shota told The Crawler to make his escape while distracting them. Koichi comments, what about you, Eraser. Shota replies that he is a teacher and he knows his duty. Koichi decides to do what he is told to. The Naruhata War has begun; let’s meet next time for more updates.

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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 101 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 100 date will release on Friday, 7 May 2021. Please look at the latest update about Number Six rampaging on top of the rooftop here on My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 100 that was released earlier this month. Read more about Crawler on My Hero Academia Vigilantes officially on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus free.

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