My Hero Academia Season 6 Teaser Previews the Upcoming Paranormal Liberation War

My Hero Academia Season 6
Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki

My Hero Academia Season 5 ended with just enough mystery to crave us for the upcoming season already. As for big finales go, there wasn’t any spectacular showdown, rather it was a reality check on how strong Tomura Sgigaraki and his Paranormal Liberation Front have become. He has just awakened his new powers and agreed to grow even more powerful after 4 months of surgery. Meanwhile, Hawks realized the need to do something real quick and report every detail back to Endeavor. The newly released teaser of My Hero Academia Season 6 showed the preparation of the war that will forever shake hero society.

Hawks concluded that the Meta-Liberation army’s current power far exceeds that of all heroes combined. With All might on his last legs, the war becomes even tougher to win. Can Midoriya manifest One for All’s full potential before it’s too late? Here we bring you everything that we know about Season 6 yet.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Prediction and Speculations

Midoriya has learned a lot about the previous users of One for All, except the second and the third one. Since he has got quite a grip on Blackwhip, he will be working on his next quirk, levitation. It was the quirk mastered by All might’s master Nana Shimura, and he must be knowing a lot about how his master used to fly. Meanwhile, Bakugo will be working on overall development, trying to surpass Midoriya while he works on his levitation. Season 6 will mark the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation war between heroes and Shigaraki’s Meta-Liberation army.

My Hero Academia Season 6
Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is already stronger than ever after getting awakened, and his powers will reach a whole new dimension after his 4-month-long painful surgery comes to an end. Doctor Ujiko is pretty confident that the surgery will allow Shigaraki to manifest One for All’s powers. That’s something All For One always dreamt of achieving.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Teaser

In the teaser video, heroes all over Japan are joining forces for their war against the liberation army. However, the liberation army is something that the heroes know frighteningly little about. It’s on Hawks to risk his life and somehow warn the heroes about Shigaraki’s current powers. One mistake can make the entire hero-society sink into the darkness forever. Despite the video being extremely short, it gave just enough watch time to Deku and Endeavor. They look a lot more confident and must have grown a lot after months of training.

It’s no secret that Shigaraki wants to destroy the society that worships All might as the sole symbol of justice. Even Dr. Ujiko is amazed seeing Shigaraki’s uncanny similarity with All for One. The final seconds of the teaser showed us an evil smirk. Is it Shikaraki? or someone else? I guess we have to wait for the upcoming revelations to find that out.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 6 is scheduled to release in Fall 2022. The exact release date has not been revealed yet, but you can expect it on silver screens by October 2022. All other seasons were premiered in and around Spring, so the franchise delaying the release may mean that there’s something extraordinary about this season.

Staff and Cast

There’s no official announcement about the staff and cast of My Hero Academia Season 6 yet. However, it is expected that the original cast members will be reprising their roles. There’s no information about any new character or additional cast either. We will update the article as soon as we get any official confirmation.

My Hero Academia Season 6
Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

Season 5’s Brief Recap

My Hero Academia Season 5 was basically the long build-up before the Paranormal Liberation arc from Kohei Horikoshi’s original manga. It was a collab of “Joint Training,” “Internship at Endeavor’s Agency,” and “Villain Academia” arcs. Deku learned a lot about his One for All quirk and went on to master the Blackwhip. Not only Deku but every other hero of Class A also come up with their new finishing moves. Meanwhile, Aisawa and Mirio are concerned about Eri’s growing horn. They took her to the facilities for instant treatment. Can she be the key changing the fateful future that Sir Nighteye saw?

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