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My Hero Academia Season 5
My Hero Academia Season 5

During the combat training battle, Izuku entered another world where he met with the Successors of One For All. Due to Izuku’s rampaging, Shinso helped Izuku by using Brainwashing Quirk to neutralize One For All. Ochaco slapped Izuku for failing to control his Quirk. Izuku realizes that One For All Successor has told him that he is not alone. Monoma attacks Izuku after the One For All chaos stopped. Ochaco pushes Izuku to dodge Monoma’s Copy Quirk. Unfortunately, class A and Class B are not at the same place exchanging blows.

Izuku blocks Shinso’s attack before it hits Ochaco and realizes that he won’t hurt anyone again. All Might call Shota with his Pro Hero name Eraser, asking what they should do in a situation like this. Vlad King wonders if they should stop the combat. The trio is nearby the training battle after noticing that Izuku failed to control One For All at the beginning of the fight. Pro Hero Shota Aizawa told All Might, who is panicking, to wait and see what will happen since Izuku is doing okay.

Previously on My Hero Academia-Season 5 Episode 11

All Might is afraid that Izuku might end up unleashing the full power of One For All and lose control. Aizawa told All Might that the fifth match continues. Izuku squares off with Shinso, who aims to Brainwash Izuku using his Quirk. Pro Hero Vlad King, who possesses Blood Control Quirk, is surprised that Aizawa insists on the match to continue. Vlad comments that Midoriya acted stranger at the beginning of the game. Aizawa replies that if things change, he will stop the battle immediately and pull out Midoriya.

Aizawa comments that he is glad that Shinso’s Quirk stopped the powers of One For All. He reveals that it will be easy for him to stop that type of Quirk. Pro Her All Might, who possesses One For All, asks Aizawa why they hesitate to stop the training. Aiza replies that he can’t stop the students since they are still determined to show their potentials. Aizawa notices that Midoriya and Shinso want to prove something and the other students look up to those two. All Might comments that Aizawa is more generous than he seems.

Shinso pulled Izuku using his Quirk, but Izuku left go of the string that drew him. Ochaco notices that Izuku smashed the ground and wonders if he is okay. Izuku stood up and commented that he couldn’t use his Quirk in his state. Then, Ochaco realizes why Izuku uses his bare hand to block Shinso’s attacks.

My Hero Academia Season 5
My Hero Academia Season 5

Izuku vs. Shinso

Izuku reveals that if he uses his Quirk, he might put everyone in danger. Ochaco suggests that they should regroup and come up with another plan. Izuku replies that they are not withdrawing since Shinso is in from of them, which is their victory. Ochaco asks Izuku if he will fight Quirkless and Izuku replies that is not what he meant. Izuku asks Ochaco to do him a favor, and Mina attacks her opponents with Acid Shot. Mineta blocks the Twin Impact using Grape Buckler.

Mina gets excited that Mineta arrived in time and saved her from that blast. Mineta comments that he is the only one to who his Pop Balls don’t stick too and he can bounce on them. Mina notices that Mineta got attached to her chest, and she punched him away. Monoma decides to use Copy Quirk against Izuku, who noticed that Monoma had copied One For All. Izuku realizes that All Might at his prime told him that the one who tries to Copy One For All would explode and become skinny.

Ochaco realizes that Monoma is in danger and slams him with the ground using Gunhead Martial Arts. However, Ochaco reveals that it is a bluff and Monoma faked to use One For All to trap Izuku. After a long battle, Izuku grabbed Shinso and pins him to the ground after removing his mask. Shinso’s team realizes that that Izuku has defeated him and Midnight announces the results of the battle. Class A won the combat training battle after Izuku pulverized Shinso.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 12 Release Date

The new My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 12 release date is 12 June 2021, at 5:30 PM. You can watch My Hero Academia online on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.


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