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My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer Launched

My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer Launched

In the recent week, My Hero Academia season 4 news has been coming in a lot. We have seen news confirming that season will air in the month of October and now suddenly the trailer of the fourth season is already out. These are exciting times for the fans of worlds fastest growing manga series. The trailer looks pretty damn amazing as well as interesting. As we know that All Might has little to no quirk left now and has become week and powerless this goes without saying that a host of villains know this situation already.

So, as expected more and more villains are going to surface for sure in the upcoming season. Maybe more villains than ever before will be shown in this season. On the bright side, we will get to see some intense action scenes as well. Since now our young heroes have the provisional licence they can now do hero stuff officially in the real world. But this is easier said than done.

This time around they will not be training in a facility but the threat will be real. Even though some of the heroes like Bakugo, Midoriya, Shoto, etc have already faced some real threats before but this situation will be different from that because they have a huge responsibility resting on their shoulders and thus like in the past they just cannot be reckless whatsoever.
Check out the trailer here:

This is a very important time for the development of these young heroes. We will see Midoriya using his quirk in a way we have never seen him use before.

my Hero Academia season 4 trailer

In the trailer, we got a glimpse of some new characters as well as the ones who were introduced in the last part of season 3. There are multiple characters that will have important roles in the upcoming arc of My Hero Academia anime. These are new Pro Hero Sir Nighteye, Big 3 of the academy, Overhaul the villain, Pro Hero Fatgum and Eri.

This new arc that will kick off My Hero Academia season 4 is known as Shie Hassakai. We all should be very excited about this new season as this one has the potential to surpass all the previous seasons of My Hero Academia anime that we have seen until now. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on the My Hero Academia season 4 trailer. Let us see whether this new season fulfils the expectations of the fans or not.


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