My Hero Academia Season 4 Release And Visual

My Hero Academia wrapped its highly exhilarating season 3 earlier this year. It won’t be a stretch if one calls it the best Hero Academia season till date. However, there is one thing that the fans should keep in mind. The fourth season will be much bigger and better than the third season. I’d like to warn you that this post has spoilers for My Hero Academia. So, if you don’t like reading spoilers, then please stay away.

The fourth season of My Hero Academia will feature the series’ best villain till date in Overhaul. The character is also called Chisaki. Judging by the first impressions of the character, you can call him a very badass character — something that has been lacking in the Hero Academia series so far. My Hero Academia has some really good characters but, are they anywhere close to Chisaki? Umm..not really. All Might is really cool and badass but, the others aren’t anywhere close to it.

The fans should expect really good things from the fourth season. The key visual for the fourth season is out and we know when the fourth season is actually coming out. Here is the visual for the next season—

My Hero Academia Season 4 Release

The manga readers know how of a big role Mirio has in the upcoming arc. Mirio is one of the most likable characters in the series. It will be a really huge arc.

The season is going to come out in October 2019. I think that is the only drawback of the fourth season. It is going to start so late. But, I guess we shouldn’t be getting greedy about it. I’m confident that BONES will do a brilliant job with the fourth season. Also, we must not forget that we will see the Big 3 in action in the fourth. I’m sure everyone will remember Mirio after his amazing debut.

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