My Hero Academia Season 4 First PV Shows An Important Character

The release date for My Hero Academia season 4 was released lately, along with a poster during the Jump Festa 2019 event. The first PV showed the characters which will play a major role in this season. The first ever animated preview of a character was also introduced in the preview. The biggest bomb was dropped at the end of the video.

The preview shows characters in dual pane frames. First are Deku and Mirio, who are getting a lot of screen time together in this season. We will also see the reunion of All Might and his acquaintance, Sir Nighteye. Shigaraki Tomura will also have a frame together with Overhaul, which seems to signify the start of a partnership between the two. In the last seconds of the video, a mysterious girl with one horn was seen afraid while someone is behind her. You can watch the video below if you haven’t seen it yet. I tried to make the description spoilers as possible.

My Hero Academia season 4 will be released in October next year. There is no specific date given yet, but the wait would be longer this time.  It will cover the Internship arc, which is one of the vital parts of the story. This arc will cover a lot of character development, so fans are very excited to see how the animation will be handled.

This arc would be a different experience to Deku and the other students because they would be having their first steps as aspiring heroes on duty. This Internship Arc will also be introducing a new kind of villain that is dubbed to have the best quirk ever by some fans. A lot of new characters will also be introduced in this arc. A new evil drug will be involved and we will be having a party with the Yakuza.

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