My Hero Academia Season 4 – Are We Getting One?

We enjoyed two cours of My Hero Academia season 3 this year. A lot of things happened, we saw All Might’s retirement and All For One’s imprisonment, the scrutiny of UA, the Provisional Hero License Exam, and last but not the least, Aizawa hair wrapped in a kind-of ponytail style (that’s something you don’t see every day). But before the season ends, fans are wondering if there will be a My Hero Academia season 4.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Possibility

There’s no doubt that My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series right now. It has two successful seasons and adding the one we currently had right now, we currently have three anime adapted from the manga. Since the third season will end after two last episodes, we might not see the gang in action for a long time. But will there be a next time for this anime?

My Hero Academia Season 4

There’s a high possibility that we will see My Hero Academia Season 4, but not next year. The next arc is already being teased with as early as now via Overhaul’s appearance in the next episode’s preview. In its history, the anime will be announced in Weekly Shonen Jump and it would take almost another year before the release date. We might get the next season in January 2020 at the earliest, but an earlier release date is more than welcome.

Things To Look Forward In My Hero Academia Season 4

There’s a lot of things to look forward in My Hero Academia season 4 (if there would be one), and one of these events is the new Internship Arc. This would be a different experience to Deku and the other students because they would be having their first steps as aspiring heroes on duty. This Internship Arc will also be introducing a new kind of villain that is dubbed to have the best quirk ever by some fans.

A lot of new characters will also be introduced in this arc. A new evil drug will be involved and we will be having a party with the Yakuza.  My Hero Academia season 4 will probably be lit.

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