‘My Hero Academia’ New Special: All Might Origin Manga To Be Adapted

My Hero Academia’s third season focused a lot of the story of All Might and All For One. The first half of the season was all about their fight, and it left the fans in tears. We’ll never see All Might in a fight again, as the fight against All For one proved to be the final one for All Might. After this fight, he lost the One For All for good because he had burned all of its remains up and he could no longer maintain his powerful form. One For All resides within Midoriya now.

My Hero Academia All Might Origins

My Hero Academia: All Might Origins

For all the All Might fans our there, there is good news for you. My Hero Academia is diving deep into the story of All Might. Back when Two Heroes came out, Horikoshi did a One-shot that explained All Might’s past to his. His relationship with his master, and his fight against All For One was all explained. It gave us a brief look at All Might in his prime and how he became the Number 1 Hero and the Symbol of Peace.

The one-shot was really great, and I enjoyed reading it. When Two Heroes Blu-ray and DVD comes out, we’ll be able to get our hands on this My Hero Academia special as well. According to sources, the home video will go live in Japan on February 13, 2019. So there’s still time until the anime special comes out. My Hero Academia is also coming back with Season 4 next year.

It seems next year will be the biggest for My Hero Academia franchise so far because not only are we getting the movie out on Blu-ray, we’re also getting the Chisaki arc which has been revered as the best MHA arc to date. To top it all off, the All Might Origins special will also come out next year. 2019 holds a lot of interesting things when it comes to My Hero Academia, and I can’t wait for it.

Are you excited for My Hero Academia’s upcoming All Might Origins special? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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